Why do Indian men scratch their testicles in public?

It’s an annoying habit of some Indian men. I have seen some Indian men scratching their testacies in public and it really gives me the cringe. As a traveller to India, you will notice this as well and may find it objectionable. But some things in India are non-negotiable; you just have to deal with it.

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why men scratch their balls
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So why do they do it? Here are some possible answers from a women’s point of view…

They get itchy. It’s natural for anyone to scratch if they have an itch. If your arm is itchy, what would you do?

India is an overcrowded place and privacy is something that is not always available to Indians. So they don’t care who’s watching.

They get hot under the pants and their testicles stick to their body. India is an extremely hot country and perhaps some Indian men just have to move it round to keep it cool.

Perhaps they don’t shave down-under and their hair gets all curly. Perhaps their public hairs are knotted around the foreskin and they need to untangle. Who knows!

They spot a female that tickle their fancy causing it to get erect and they need to hide it.

Being men, they can get away with it. It’s a big deal if women were to do this kind of stuff!

They are asserting their masculinity…. “Look I’m a man; I can scratch my balls if I want to”.

They are not aware that they are doing it.

Perhaps they are doing it for comfort or maybe they enjoy it.

Maybe they have a disease.

Perhaps they are checking to see if their penis and testicles are still there.

Please note

Remember, not all Indian men do this, it all depends on their social class, their upbringing and their values. Would you find this behaviour of Indian men disgusting?

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42 thoughts on “Why do Indian men scratch their testicles in public?”

  1. Hello Shalu,

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with a men scratching is nut-sack. Sometimes down there might feel itchy and scratching might just be the best option… Though some people do take it privately while some do it publicly.

    As you say; depending on your up bringing.

    Thanks for the wonderful post and do have a nice week ahead

  2. I think these habits are differ from level to level, I mean it depends which kind of environment you are working or living, professional people don’t do these kind of activity in public. People should have some manners to do all these kind of activity. Indian peoples are incredible they don’t even mind to see or do the things. Any way thanks for this kind of attention people might get some lesson from this post. Thanks.

  3. Truly said, It depends on your up bringing. If you’ve been told since your childhood that this habit is not good, you’ll never do it in public. It is common in India because we don’t tell our child from the day one when we notice he is doing it.

  4. With that image, I don’t think it’s right because of the girl in front of you. She might see what you’re scratching, but it seems she doesn’t care what the old man doing. Maybe because it is normal in their place. Nice article.

  5. Ok, I had a giggle when I read the headline, so I had to click and read the entire article.

    Yes, I have noticed this behavior from a co-worker I used to work with who happened to be from India. Not only did I notice it and thought it was kinda odd, but so did a lot of other people. It’s one thing to scratch when you have an itch, it’s another thing to always be scratching down in that area.

    My ex co-worker fell into the latter category which made it easy to notice when he scratched because he did it all the time. I just think if you’re itching down in that area repeatedly, then there is a problem – and it’s not heat related.

    Interesting subject Shalu.

  6. That’s a disgusting and uncivil habit no matter what reasoning is behind it. If you must scratch it in public at least do it in a more decent and less obvious way.

  7. Hello Shalu Madam,
    First of all I never read such a hilarious artcile before. Really awesome and full of true facts.
    Itching testicles is a natural habit little disgusting too for the nearby people.

  8. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of article your website providing. We have recommended your website to others because of our satisfaction with your article. We look forward to hearing news from you soon.

  9. Nice article. However it’s important to know the reason for such behavior. Many a times there is an acute groin fungal infection which causes uncontrollable urge to itch. For sophisticated males, it can be smartly controlled by moving away or sneaking in a closed space to itch. For poor villagers and Street workers, no such luxury exists.
    On a separate note I have seen some sophisticated women having equally disgusting habits.

  10. Its funny how easy it is for “some men” in India and they dont seem to think there is anything unusual about scratching their balls in public. Love the way you have put this in your blog post.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable information. We strive to provide our candidates with excellent care and we take your comments to heart.As always, we appreciate your confidence and trust in us.

  12. I have no idea how I even came across this post, but I am laughing very hard over here! I think men sometimes do not realize they do this, but it seems from this info it is a common thing over there. The picture above still cracks me up! Thanks for the chuckle.

  13. Not only the sac but you can see people scratch assholes also. It is really funny to see such activities. One cannot control the sensation of itch till it is being scratched by the fingers. Once it is done you are free and relaxed. I don’the think there is any other alternative or else they have to take a comb or brush to relieve themselves. Anyhow thanks for the wonderful piece of information which will make the reader aware not to scratch or dig in public places.

  14. Nice article.

    I didn’t knew this happened only in India, LOL!


    Thanks for the coverage and I hope anyone who is in the habit of doing this and read this will surely feel ashamed.

  15. it may be indecent for you but you have to note that in the past, men never wear these modern pants with tight underwear which are not suited in Indian climate. because of globalization, men are wearing such and bearing the brunt …heat and humid conditions make such itching to rub/adjust there.
    Please don’t say that these things are not done by women. I do see women adjusting their jackets, scratch near corners of their vagina.

    sorry, for me this article looked in feminist angle though that habit annoying. as said by somebody, you can manage it neatly without much action that can be noticed

  16. Shalu you’re lame as f and so is your post.
    Every fcking guy in this world scratch thier balls
    So stop cursing your county’s men,
    And you’ve mentioned social class and up bringing
    I am sure your social class is not high as well and no parents teaches their children about scratching balls

    • No, most guys do not scratch their balls in public. Even in private, many guys don’t. But if most guys feel the need to do so in public, they either resist the urge or move to a private place to do so. Only the rude ones (in most parts of the world) go at their balls for all the world to see.

      And most parents do tell their children not to touch down there in public. That’s just basic etiquette.

  17. I have myself seen women publicly rubbing vaginal crack over their pants. It happens probably because yeast infections taking over good bacteria. It happens because of sweat, bacteria, etc for men too. So, please stop making publicly disrespectful statements against men, when you gender cannot tolerate disrespectful statements.

  18. u ugly insecure indian women, even indian women scratch their vagina in public and spit on road.
    It seems u have some huge inferiority complex and insecurity maybe because u r ugly and your indian husband has dumped u for some foreign women and that’s why u are taking out your frustration on this site. No one is interested in ur filthy site. just see the no of people viewing your bloody site. they r very less. What a shameless pathetic women u r. shame on u and ur existence. yuck

  19. It is not disgusting at all, coz only Men know how they feel at their Private area and women can never know that. Men have to adjust their Package. Men have to scratch if it itches due to heat and there are many other reasons as well. It’s the person’s fault who’s watching it, so change ur thinking, and be broad-minded.

  20. It seems u have some huge inferiority complex and insecurity maybe because u r ugly and your indian husband has dumped u for some foreign women and that’s why u are taking out your frustration on this site. No one is interested in ur filthy site. just see the no of people viewing your bloody site. they r very less. What a shameless pathetic women u r. shame on u and ur existence. yuck

  21. I laughed out loud when I read the very thorough explanations (all of which I imagine are very plausible). As a female living in the US, I can say that I agree– this is gross behavior that shouldn’t be done in public, regardless of how hot, sweaty, curly, whatever the guy is. Here it’s considered low class and ignorant. It’s like picking your nose. Save it for a private place, like the bathroom, if you must. Even more hilarious are the comments from the defensive Angry Ball-Scratching Slob Mob. None of you would ever have a girlfriend here, I can tell you that much.

  22. I grew up in India but I hate this habit. Indian men are supposedly homophobic , but they scratch balls in open. It is a form of sexual harassment if someone hates this habit, & you do it in front of them. Just shave your balls, apply talcum powder & have some shame. Its not okay to scratch your testicles in front of kids, or may be someone’s sister/mother/daughter.


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