Why Using Metro May Not Be A Good Idea for Delhiites For Some Time

As the world continues to struggle with its efforts to contain the outbreak of Coronavirus, the scenario in India is no different. In India, new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are being reported each day. World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the coronavirus pandemic as a global emergency. As of now, there are no vaccinations or medicines available to treat this disease and only supportive care can be provided to those diagnosed positive. However, the World Health Organisation states the following protective measures to be the ‘most effective’:

  • Regularly washing your hands and disinfecting frequently touched objects
  • Correctly covering the mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze
  • Maintaining and practicing proper social distancing

In our cities, public transport such as the metro is extremely vulnerable to infection outbreaks, such as the one we all are grappling with currently. However, the lifeblood of our city is the metro, and so it might be challenging to avoid using it for long. However, when things now get back to normalcy, we will still need to practice caution for some time at least, until the risk of transmission is entirely gone. That is why, considering your safety and that of your loved ones, it would be better to avoid travelling in the metro.

Metros have confined spaces and limited ventilation, which increases the chances of transmitting infections among passengers. So, if you don’t own a vehicle, what other modes of transportation can you use?  Well, one alternative to consider is hiring a car on rent in Delhi for outstation and in-city trips as it reduces your chances of exposure to viruses and infections.

If you are still debating over why using metro may not be a good idea amidst the coronavirus outbreak, then let us tell you two main reasons:

  1. Crowded Places Promote Transmission

If you travel through the metro, you come in contact with many people. Not only the metro but also the boarding areas are highly crowded. Since Coronavirus transmits through humans, such crowded areas become their breeding ground. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance from such places. Metro’s have confined spaces with limited ventilation, which increases the probability of catching the infection. There is also the possibility of coming in direct contact with a sick person.

Against such scenarios, the safest option would be to avoid such means and use a safer alternative for a while. You can use your vehicle instead. In case, you don’t own a vehicle, then you can avail of full day car rental Delhi services for in-city or book cab services in Delhi for outstation trips and other purposes. Car rental companies such as Zoomcar offer you the benefits of self-drive and booking cab services in Delhi for outstation purposes. If you are travelling along with family, take Innova hire in Delhi for outstation services which can accommodate more people, so that you can all travel comfortably and safely.

If you need a vehicle for travelling to and fro from work, then book full day car rental Delhi services when you need it. Easily rent a well-sanitized car and get it delivered to your doorstep. This way, you reach your destination with zero exposure to any crowd.

  1. Increased Chances Of Touching Infected Surfaces

When a person infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) coughs or sneezes, small droplets that contain the virus spreads into the air and settles on objects close by. A large population travels through metro, and commuters often touch the railings, handles and doors. During the metro ride, if you touch any such surface, or come in direct contact with the virus, you get infected and become a carrier of the virus as well. For the same, it is advised to thoroughly clean or sanitize your hands and touch your face less frequently.

A much safer alternative will be to avoid commuting through metros and other public transport to stay away from transmitting the infection. Therefore, steer clear of all such risky situations and book cab services in Delhi for outstation and in city travels. A much better way would be to go for a self-drive full day car rental Delhi facility to manage your travel plans at your convenience. Booking such services can enable you to experience a safe, private and comfortable ride.  Other than that, taking preventive precautions is an absolute must.

  1. Safety Should Always Be Prioritized

Many of you are dependent on public transport, especially those who don’t own a vehicle. However, the coronavirus outbreak has made people fearful of exposing themselves to crowded places because of the risk of transmission. Therefore, even when normalcy resumes, avoid using the metro and other public transport for a while, along with following other preventive measures.  Car rental companies like Zoomcar provide you with the flexibility to book a car on rent in Delhi for outstation or use a full day car rental Delhi service to travel safely. Their cars are well-sanitized after every use and delivered to your doorstep for offering you maximum benefits. Clean private cars significantly reduce exposure to crowds and contaminated places. Such services are readily available in places like Delhi, Bangalore and many other cities. So, choose carefully to prioritize safety.

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  1. All metro trains had closed by the result of covin -19. Government of India had decided that all metros will close till lockdown 3 may


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