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I am being overwhelmed with your many emails about travel trips to India and unfortunately I am not able to reply to every single one of them. A lot of you have been enquiring about India and asking for my help with your trip, which lead to me to find a solution which is a win-win solution for all.

I am excited to inform that I have joined hands with a Boutique Travel Company in India and together we will help you get the best India Experience. With their help, now I can attend to all your questions and provide you customised and personalised tours to India according to your needs, budget, interests, desires etc.

Our new team comprises of individuals who share passion for travel and India. The team is well travelled in India and around the world and we combine this knowledge and our passions to give holidaymakers the best Indian experience.

Meet the team


A wanderer at heart with a social bent of mind. Proud Dilliwalla (Delhiite) & loves to show people around in the city that he grew up in. Has a keen sense of travel planning and no details go untouched when he is working on an itinerary. He is also known as Mr Off-Beat and if you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience in India, he is your man. Loves his scotch and a cold pint of beer.


The back bone of the team, she is the queen-bee of hotels and the best accommodations in India. Be it luxury or small boutique hotels, she knows them all and has a knack for getting the best offers from any property. Loves to travel to the hills and needs 1 month holidays in Europe every year. Complains about too much sun and whenever in the great outdoors you will find her under layers of sunscreen.


The mastermind of the operation, with a dire need to colour code all excel sheets. Always looking for the next excuse to hit the road and travel to his favourite destinations or explore new ones. Loves Old Delhi and enjoys walking around in its narrow by-lanes for hours. Will travel lengths for good food and lassi and would spend his life on a basketball court if he could. Also he is hitched to Neha.

Our Mission

• To give you more value then you have paid for.
• To give you maximum India with minimum effort & stress, during planning, preparations and the tour.

How we do it?

India is a very dynamic country or ‘organized chaos’ as they say and our personal travel experience here gives us an edge to make sense of it all. We combine our knowledge of each destination and different services with your requirements to create the best possible tour at the best possible price.

India Women and girls dancing ceremony
India Women and girls dancing ceremony

What we do?

We create a customized and personalized tour packages including

Hotels, Homestays, Bed & Breakfasts and Resorts

We use small and boutique properties run by families and owners themselves to give you an experience of the real Indian hospitality.

Transportation such cabs, flights, trains etc

All drivers are experienced and reliable trade veterans with many years of experience in driving around clients in India. They are courteous, well mannered and sensitive towards your safety. Unlike the crazy Indian traffic, their driving style is in tune to what you are accustomed to i.e. safe and with-in speed limits.

Sightseeing & Visiting Monuments

We use premium and high quality guides for all monument visits and sightseeing. Our guides are well versed in the history of the monuments and sights and most of them do not have any accent issues. They are strictly directed against any forced shopping or any other activities that might create a negative experience.

Local interaction and Day spends with local families

We arrange NGO visits, service days with NGOs and interaction with families in villages and rural areas for a more authentic experience for you.

History & Heritage Walks

History and Heritage walks are done by experienced walk leaders and the TSI team in the popular, as well as off-beat and the unexplored areas of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Foodie Expresses, Eat Street-Street food safaris, Cooking classes & Club Crawls

All these experiences are created around culinary delights of India. Food, we believe is a very big part of travel and India has so much to offer that it requires special attention and we love to show people around with Food as a focus.

Day trips in Delhi and Agra

Special day trips that include points 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 can also be created for you even if you are traveling on your own.

Amer Fort Jaipur
Amer Fort Jaipur

The Personalized Experience – Have a tailor-made travel

Customized & Flexible

We listen to your inputs and along with our knowledge make sure we work out an India tour plan according to your expectations. Nothing is written in stone and during the tour if you want to change something, we are flexible. The trip will be bespoke and 100% tailor made just for you.

In-depth knowledge of destinations and itineraries

In-depth knowledge of the itineraries and popular & off-beat destinations allows us to recommend the best ways to get the most out of your time in India.

24×7 with You

While on tour either me or one of the team members will call you (unless you don’t want us to) once a day or at your convenience to check if all is going according to plan and expectations. During the tour we available on call 24×7 if you need any help. On the tour you will have a private cab and a specialist driver, who knows the destinations & your plan quite well and will be able to speak basic English at the least, however most drivers are well spoken in English & some speak multiple languages.

Off beat destinations & activities

It is our constant effort to offer something new and different. Be it off-beat and new destinations or new and extraordinary experiences like Heritage walks, Shopping tours, Club crawls, Foodie tours, Wildlife Safaris, Photo tours and more. We add these elements to each tour to create a local experience and long lasting memories.

We make sure that you have a great time in India and return with long lasting memories.

To get started please submit your travel details us using the form and let us plan your trip and give you maximum India with minimum hassle.

custom made holiday to India

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  1. Hi,
    I like this post, I am planning to have a tour in India soon. This information is helpful to me. I will use it. I am bookmarking it. See you soon.

  2. It’s great summary ! Shalu I do appreciate this post & I understand there is much fun of custom made holiday to India. I seen most of people just wanna go out of India to make their holidays but their forget there is much fun & entertainment to celebrate holidays in out custom & culture & there are benefit to make holidays in custom. It’s teach to much about our culture too.

  3. Hi Shalu,

    I see it as another milestone in your blogging career. I feel you are towards forming a company and hope you’ll do great business.

    Congratulations to the team to join Shalu, wish you all the best!

  4. Hi Shalu,

    Congratulations indeed 🙂

    I think this is another feather in your cap, and yes – I’m sure one day you will open your own travel agency. But for starters, joining hands with these wonderful people is a great way to gain more exposure and experience.

    Wishing you all the very best in your new endeavor. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hi Harleena

      Thank you for your generous words and shares. I do hope it will go down that route. They are wonderful people and together we can provide great travel experience in India.

  5. Awesome idea Shalu. Best of luck in this new business. Keep in mind of the feedback of your very first customers and don’t let them go unsatisfied.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    PS: I don’t like the G+ comment. Keep in mind is just my opinion.

  6. Hello Shalu,
    This is indeed one great innovation from you. It is great to always think outside the box to expand your business. You name is a brand and doing this, will actually help travelers coming to India 🙂

  7. Hi Shalu,
    I think if some one read your regular update then no need to visit any where. You are the best guide of indian places. I am very glad to read your updates about india.I am a regular reader of your blog Thanks a lot for awesome visits. !!! 🙂

  8. Hi Shalu,

    This sounds a like a wonderful initiative and I would like to wish you and your team the very best.

    I will be sure to refer anyone I know who wants to travel to India, so they may learn more about your fantastic travel services.

    Thank you.

  9. Congratulations mam on your achievement….
    However I wanted to ask you something myself…
    My parents want to travel the whole northern India…
    Will it possible for you to be able to tell me about the cost & other travel related information about it?
    Do you arrange specific tours as well in India itself???
    Please do tell at the earliest…..

  10. Hello, Shalu! Your team sounds promising and after reading it all, it seems that you all know what to do and how to do it. Being a very different country as of language, culture, religion and so on, it is often difficult for prospective tourists to decide on booking any holidays in Asia. Congratulations on your project, though, you really did catch my attention.

  11. Hi Shalu, congratulations on this venture! It’s about time you started this 🙂 It’s always good to have a fellow blogger involved in organizing holidays. I’ll definitely contact you, if I plan another India tour. And I’ll be sure to share thing info with anyone planning a trip there. All the best, Shalu!

    • Hi Salika

      Let me know when you are visiting next, we could work something out for you. Please do let us know if someone needs a tour to India. Perhaps you could also start one for Sri Lanka.

      Thanks for your comment.

  12. Actually I grew up in Canada and moved to Sri Lanka only temporarily, so don’t know enough to organize tours. Also I don’t have a working visa in SL.

    But I’ll be sure to get in touch with you if I’m visiting India again. Like to see more of the north there.

  13. I have always been fascinated by India and I was planning on visiting it at some point. Your summary just made me want even more to discover this wonderful country. Very interesting article!

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  16. Hi Shalu,
    It was nice to know about your travel planning for Indian holidays. specially i liked the picture of your dedicated team members. Great post to read.

  17. Hey, I think if I read your blog, I was in India. You always give detail info about your country, sis..

  18. Best team, shalu. And you are always give your audience detail information. You are expert writter in India I think

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    Your Post is very nice Thanks for Shairing. I was planning on visiting it at some point. Your summary just made me want even more to discover this wonderful country. I have also more informative post related to India travel and must visit tourist destinations.

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  22. Hi Shalu! It is really amazing for me to go through this wonderful blog we are both from the same profession I also want to establish my own travel company in Pakistan. I have been working as tourist guide for twenty years. It is helpful for me to read this blog plz don’t mind to support me if I need your help

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  24. Hi Shalu,

    I really liked this. This might help a lot of people. I was always wondering to show the beautiful side of India and you have taken up and already started to spread it out. I wilsh you all the very best and at the same time i congratulate on what initiative you have taken.


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