Internet users in India

According to the Word Bank, the percentage of internet users in India is 7.8%. The graph below shows a steady increase in internet usage from insignificant to 8% by the year 2010. It’s a phenomenal rise.

With more than a billion people, this makes India as one of the top internet using countries in the world. To be more precise, India stands in the top 3 of internet users after China and the United States. How do the Indians get on the net? Well, almost half of the Indian use the internet through their mobile phones. India is about to reach a billion mobile subscriber milestone. Recently an Android 2.3 touch screen tablet was launched known as Aakash costing about Rs.2,999 which is about $50. The Indian government is considering rolling out this low cost tablet device into schools nationwide in 2012 which means that another large section of the popular can access the internet.

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