Most sexually open countries in the world to travel

Many countries in the world have laws which forbid sexual openness. If you were to go to virtually any Middle Eastern country, you would find no sexual openness whatsoever. But if you were to go to Europe or America, then it would be a different story. For a long time, the culture in these countries made people think that women were not interested in sex the way men were. However, this was really just society trying to make women feel guilty for wanting sexual pleasure like men do. Ever since feminists started coming out of the woodwork, women have been able to become more sexually open and not be ashamed of it.

So, which are some of the most sexually open countries in the world? Below is a list of the top 5 countries and many of them might surprise you.


From the outside, Japan is certainly not a country that you would think is sexually open. They are a country that believes in hard work, respect, and honor. With that being said, the Japanese people are very open-minded when it comes to sex. They have pornography, sex shops, and prostitution just like any other country. However, they also have sex bars where people walk around naked and are free to have sex with someone right out in the open. If you travel to Tokyo, you will find these bars if you look for them.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is certainly a more open and free country than the United States in a lot of ways. They are a country which has decriminalized the possession of recreational marijuana for personal use. Not only that, The Netherlands is a very liberal country when it comes to sex. The Dutch people are not afraid to explore their sexuality by having lots of casual sex. Amsterdam, in particular, is a city where you can enjoy lots of casual sex and marijuana at the same time. No wonder so many tourists like to go there.


France is a lot more sexually liberal than people might realize. After all, there is a reason why Paris is nicknamed the City of Love. Sure, it is a wonderful place for two people who are in love to vacation and spend time together. But the reality is that the French people enjoy their sexual openness and are not shy about being promiscuous with diverse partners. In just the last 10 years, the average French person has claimed to have a higher number of sexual partners. Women are actually deemed more promiscuous than men.


The German people have become very open about sex over the past 50 years. According to a recent study, between 17% and 32% of German women on average are cheating on their partners. If you travel to a big city like Berlin, you will find several sex clubs where travelers and visitors can get sex very easily. With such liberalized sexual openness, it is no wonder that so many people are cheating on their partners. At least it is great for the local economy since it attracts tourists to the country.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom seems to be growing a reputation for their increasing level of sexual openness. Most British males have their first sexual experience as teenagers. Their number of total sexual partners is increasing every year too. In fact, the United Kingdom is known for having the most infidelity in comparison to any other country. This might surprise a lot of people because of how developed and sophisticated the country is. But it is still a much liberalized country and it continues to become more liberal as time goes on.

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