Filipino Tagalog numbers 1 to 100 in words

If you are traveling to the Philippines, then these Tagalog numbers (Filipino numbers) will be useful for you. Tagalog is spoken as a language in the Philippines and is the official language of the Philippines. There are two forms of Tagalog namely Old Tagalog which is an ancient form of the language while Batangas Tagalog is a dialect of the language. In addition, the Filipino language is a standardised form of the Tagalog language that forms the official language of the Philippines. If you traveling to the Philippines, then you might wish to learn a few words and numbers for your travels. Here’s a list of Tagalog numbers 1-100 compiled by Amihan Balasabas. Feel free to print them out if you wanted to them with you. If you press the print button then you can eastly print them as printable Tagalog numbers 1 100 in words.

Tagalog numbers in 1 to 100

One                 1          isa

Two                 2          dalawa

Three               3          tatlo

Four                 4          apat

Five                  5          lima

Six                   6          anim

Seven               7          pito

Eight                8          walo

Nine                9          siyam

Ten                  10        sampu

Eleven             11        labing-isa

Twelve             12        labindalawa

Thirteen          13        labintatlo

Fourteen         14        labing-apat

Fifteen             15        labinlima

Sixteen            16        labing-anim

Seventeen       17        labimpito

Eighteen          18        labingwalo

Nineteen         19        labinsiyam

Twenty            20        dalawampu

Twenty one     21        dalawampu’t isa

Twenty two     22        dalawampu’t dalawa

Twenty three 23        dalawampu’t tatlo

Twenty four    24        dalawampu’t apat

Twenty five     25        dalawampu’t lima

Twenty six       26        dalawampu’t anim

Twenty seven 27        dalawampu’t pito

Twenty eight   28        dalawampu’t walo

Twenty nine    29        dalawampu’t siyam

Thirty               30        tatlumpu

Thirty one        31        tatlumpu’t isa

Thirty two       32        tatlumpu’t dalawa

Thirty three     33        tatlumpu’t tatlo

Thirty four       34        tatlumpu’t apat

Thirty five        35        tatlumpu’t lima

Thirty six          36        tatlumpu’t anim

Thirty seven    37        tatlumpu’t pito

Thirty eight      38        tatlumpu’t walo

Thirty nine       39        tatlumpu’t siyam

Forty                40        apatnapu

Forty one         41        apatnapu’t isa

Forty two         42        apatnapu’t dalawa

Forty three      43        apatnapu’t tatlo

Forty four        44        apatnapu’t apat

Forty five         45        apatnapu’t lima

Forty six           46        apatnapu’t anim

Forty seven     47        apatnapu’t pito

Forty eight       48        apatnapu’t walo

Forty nine        49        apatnapu’t siyam

Fifty                 50        limampu

Fifty one          51        limampu’t isa

Fifty two          52        limampu’t dalawa

Fifty three       53        limampu’t tatlo

Fifty four         54        limampu’t apat

Fifty five          55        limampu’t lima

Fifty six            56        limampu’t anim

Fifty seven       57        limampu’t pito

Fifty eight        58        limampu’t walo

Fifty nine         59        limampu’t siyam

Sixty                 60        animnapu

Sixty one         61        animnapu’t isa

Sixty two         62        animnapu’t dalawa

Sixty three       63        animnapu’t tatlo

Sixty four         64        animnapu’t apat

Sixty five          65        animnapu’t lima

Sixty six           66        animnapu’t anim

Sixty seven      67        animnapu’t pito

Sixty eight       68        animnapu’t walo

Sixty nine         69        animnapu’t siyam

Seventy           70        pitumpu

Seventy one    71        pitumpu’t isa

Seventy two    72        pitumpu’t dalawa

Seventy three 73        pitumpu’t tatlo

Seventy four    74        pitumpu’t apat

Seventy five     75        pitumpu’t lima

Seventy six      76        pitumpu’t anim

Seventy seven 77        pitumpu’t pito

Seventy eight 78        pitumpu’t walo

Seventy nine   79        pitumpu’t siyam

Eighty              80        walumpu

Eighty one       81        walumpu’t isa

Eighty two       82        walumpu’t dalawa

Eighty three     83        walumpu’t tatlo

Eighty four      84        walumpu’t apat

Eighty five       85        walumpu’t lima

Eighty six         86        walumpu’t anim

Eighty seven    87        walumpu’t pito

Eighty eight     88        walumpu’t walo

Eighty nine      89        walumpu’t siyam

Ninety             90        siyamnapu

Ninety one      91        siyamnapu’t isa

Ninety             92        siyamnapu’t dalawa

Ninety three    93        siyamnapu’t tatlo

Ninety  four     94        siyamnapu’t apat

Ninety five       95        siyamnapu’t lima

Ninety six        96        siyamnapu’t anim

Ninety seven   97        siyamnapu’t pito

Ninety eight    98        siyamnapu’t walo

Ninety nine     99        siyamnapu’t siyam

One hundred 100        isang daan

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