Mosquitoes in India

"Mosquitoes in India"Imagine this; you are out to explore the beautiful landscapes of India when one morning you wake up with very high temperature. Sick in a foreign land and looking for a doctor can be quite a drag. What could have caused this you think and the next moment you hear the buzzing sound of a mosquito. Mosquitoes can really get you down to that point but there are various ways to avoid that. Malaria and other nasty diseases are carried by these tiny creatures. Here are a few tips for avoiding mosquitoes in India; to help ensure yourself an itch and bite free stay!

How to combat Mosquitoes in India

Lets face is, there are mosquitoes in India and you need to be careful. It’s really simple to avoid getting bitten, starting with a mosquito repellent like Odomos. You could also carry a mosquito repellent spray with you. Spray it in your room early morning and evenings which is when they come out to bite! Both are easily available in India in supermarkets or friendly neighbourhood shops. Wearing long sleeves and trousers also goes a long way in preventing oneself from being covered in bites.

If you are going on a trek or camping then it is best advised to reapply repellent as often as possible. Mosquito nets could also be life saviours and they do not even take up much space. You could carry it with you or buy one once you land. There are also mosquito repellent machines which has the same effect as that of a spray. You could also find mosquito coils for your room and they are very effective too. You could light them in the corner of the room; they can burn overnight and shatters easily into dust however are a bit of a fire hazard.

As they say ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so follow the tips above and you’re stay will be without bites! So if you want to be safe from the mosquitoes in India, come prepared.

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