Travelling India Alone

Freya Stark says ‘To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.’ One cannot possibly ignore the romance associated with travelling alone, exploring new and wonderful places and experiencing the unknown. But when you are in a foreign land or town; it is always better to know certain dos and don’ts to ensure a safe and secure travel.

Tips on travelling India alone

"Travelling India Alone"
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While travelling to India alone especially for a female, the key is to dress modestly and avoid travelling at nights in taxis, auto rickshaws unless in cities. In that too certain cities like Delhi are not the safest in the world at night especially for Women, hence avoid any sojourn at night alone. While travelling always opt for pre-paid services wherever available like cabs or autos; that way you could be sure of your safety to a certain extent. When travelling alone in India be sure to stay in reputed hotels.

The reviews on various travel sites could be of help to ascertain that you pick the right hotel. Hiking alone is a strict no-no especially for women. It goes without saying do not trust strangers, which in your case would be everybody and never accept food from an unknown person; a polite no is always better than taking the risk of being dazed and looted.

Be safe when travelling India alone

While travelling India alone it is better to keep a mobile with you, with balance. Also note down the hotel and local police numbers for emergencies. You could get all the details from the hotel you would be staying in.

Now the most important part for a woman traveller, especially travelling alone in India; long skirts and trousers with full sleeve blouses or sleeveless blouses teamed with scarves or stoles would be the preferable option to dress. This would ensure unwanted and irritating stares.

The next important thing when travelling India alone to keep in mind is your money, credit cards and your passport. Be sure to keep them safely and not all in one place. Keep Xerox copies of your passport just in case you end up being the victim of a tout or a pickpocket. Always be alert to keep your belongings safe.

Another worry might be falling sick when out alone for a vacation. To avoid this always drink bottled water of brands like Bisleri or Aquafina. Try and stay away from street food; instead always eat at restaurants. Indian palate consists of spicy food so be sure to eat what suits you and your metabolism. Believe me you do not want to fall sick in a foreign land alone. Bring along with yourself some basic medicines just in case of emergencies.

In saying all that, it doesn’t mean that India in any way is less welcoming or safer than any other part of the world. When you visit a different country, the equations are always different; be it India or any other country in the world. However, it goes without saying that India and Indians are known all over the world for their hospitality. The locals will go out of the way to help you if you are in trouble and for the few who act differently, you could always follow the suggestions penned above. Always remember common sense is your best companion when travelling anywhere in the world.

So come, visit and experience this wonderful country which believes in ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ which means ‘the guest is God’. Even if travelling India alone, it is still a safe country.

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