Ideal travel pants

Travel Pants
Travel Pants

When you come to India, I suggest you wear combat pants. They are the best travel pants you can get. Combat pants also known as Combo or Cargo pants have numerous pockets and will keep your hands free. They are practical, lightweight, and decent looking, styled to look good and you can go almost anywhere in them. Just make sure they are made of cotton and light in colour usually khaki that goes well in the hot Indian climate. They are basically designed as loose pants with numerous pockets for outdoor activities. Typically they have 6 deep pockets on each leg each with a secret pocket inside of cargo pocket giving it increased carrying capacity. Some of these pants have pockets near the feet making it almost impossible for pickpockets to steal your money.

These pants are ideal for women as well for travelling in India as it looks good, it’s modest and flexible. Most jeans for women do not have enough pockets, making it un-ideal for travelling. Great thing about them is that even if they are wrinkled, it doesn’t matter. Another great plus point with these ultimate travel pants are that you can always wear any top over it be it T-shirts, shirts or even Indian “kurtas”. In addition, most shoes go well with these pants.

One of the best things about these pants is that it has lot of pockets and you can carry a lot of things in it. When you travel in India, you can easily end up buying lots of things. In addition, you will have passports, tickets, itineraries, maps, cameras and a range of travel items which you want easy access to. Where would you keep them? You can always keep them in your bag. But what if you lose your bag and you risk losing everything. Why not wear combat pants or trousers with pockets on all sides. The basic idea is to carry most of your things around in these pant pockets. They do give you that rugged look but it’s more comfortable. They don’t have to be like United States Army Cargos camouflaged for battle but something that resembles a proper trouser will also do.

Travel Pants
They don’t have to be camouflaged battledress

In some countries it’s outlawed to wear camouflaged clothing but as far as I am aware no such rules exist in India. So feel free to wear the combat trousers in any colour you like, green, khaki, pink, blue or black.

They make the ideal travel pants as they don’t need a lot of ironing (if you don’t mind a little crumpling), they are inexpensive, relatively thin and lightweight, fast drying, versatile, don’t take too much space in your luggage and you can wake freely without carrying any handbag. If you are planning to do hiking, trekking, walking then these make the idea travel pants.

Get 2 pairs of these and leave the jeans at home.

What do you like to wear on holidays? Do you leave your jeans at home? Do you agree that combat pants make the ideal travel pants? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.

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