Visiting India

Tourism in India continues to grow as more and more people make it a destination of choice. A visit to India is a journey of incredible discovery and mesmerizing sights. Splendor waits you whichever direction you choose: Himalayas to the north, beaches to the south, tribal territory to the east and desert to the west. There are specific destinations that are a must visit for anyone who is on a tour around this vast land.

Here are some of the best places to visit in India:


This is a tiny city between Nepal, Tibet, West Bengal and Bhutan. People come here to see the vast array of wildflowers, the hidden Buddhist monasteries, mountain forests in the high altitude and snow-fed lakes. The clean air coupled with the refreshing sights will mark stay in your memory for a lifetime.


Mumbai can be overwhelming with its unrelenting chaotic scenes. Formally known as Bombay, the city will start to grow on you if you stay there for a while. Those who live there, swear by it. It’s certainly a very exciting place to be visiting.

Gateway of india mumbai India
Gateway of india mumbai India


The sandstone mansions of this city are strikingly beautiful. However, most of the visitors here come to see the Sonar Killa; the only medieval fort the world over that is inhabited. This desert fortress makes for an exotic experience at the heart of the Thar Desert.


National Geographic Traveler has rated Kerala amongst the world’s 50 must see places. Kerala is not meant to just be seen; it also should be felt, experienced and explored. Its beaches are palm-lined and meet the hills covered with plantation. You can also enjoy the pleasures of boarding the kettuvallam as it slowly navigates the waters.

Dani & Jess at the backwaters of Kerala India
Dani & Jess at the backwaters of Kerala

New Delhi

Traverse the modern metropolis that is India’s capital. Explore a mix of the old and new; the imposing avenues and grand buildings to the home Gandhi in Delhi.


Goa is most popular for its beautiful sands, temples and churches. Amongst these tourist attractions are Bom Jesus Basilica and Fort Aguada. The places to visit, things to see and things to do are so many in Goa that deciding on them is no easy task. Let us explore some of these options. This is one of the most highly recommended places to visit in India.

"Palolem Beach Goa"
Palolem Beach Goa

The Beaches of Goa

Goa’s coastline that runs a whole 125 kilometers is dotted with beautiful beaches both in the north and in the south. The Palolem beach is perhaps the most beautiful of all the beaches in Goa. This beach is for the most part virgin, with tourists and fishermen whose dwellings are shacks along the seashore. Most tourists come to Goa to have an experience of this sun kissed state.

Panaji – The Capital

It is Goa’s capital. This is where the cultures of India, and by extension the world, meet. If your intention is to be entertained, this place would do well in your scorecard. The beginning of each year is particularly a great time to visit Panaji. Panaji comes to life during this time of the year at the “Fontainhas Festival”. This festival brings together singers, musicians and dancers from across India to participate in the festival.

Old Goa

Old Goa takes you through a journey back in time of the Portuguese and Christian villages. You get to see the splendid churches and cathedrals that have a long history.

Sunset in Goa

Any place you visit in India is going to leave a lasting impression on your mind; however Goa’s ubiquitous charms, its tall palm trees, its virgin beaches, and its magnificent cathedrals and churches will definitely bring you back to holiday in Goa again and again.

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