My India travel survival guide for women ebook now available on Amazon

I want to announce that I have now released an ebook about travel safety for women travelling to India. The book is called “India travel survival guide for women”. It is available on kindle format on Amazon and I hope to get it out in paperback too.

This is the first book of its kind. I had a good look on Amazon and I am convinced that is no other book like it. There are some other books that are based on solo travel in India but this will perhaps be the first one by an Indian woman giving it a unique perspective.

India travel survival guide for women
India travel survival guide for women

I have outlined the various chapters and what is covered in the ebook. There are 24 chapters.

Inhuman treatment of women in India

This is about the ill practices and ill-treatment of Indian women in India. Some of the ill treatment includes abortion when parents find out that they are having a baby girl, dowry, violence against women, etc.

Rape in India

About rape in India and how it is perceived in India, some statistics, how society sees rape etc.

Is India safe for women travelling alone?

This chapter is about general things questioning if travelling to India is safe or not particularly for women. There have been lots of unwanted incidences such as rape/assault on women in India and a lot of coverage about it in the media.

Rape and sexual assault of foreign women in India

In recent months, a lot rape stories are emerging from India both of Indian women and of those travelling to India. For instance about the girl who was raped by 6 men in a moving bus, a British traveller to India where the hotel manager tried to break in, the Swiss woman was gang-raped in the forest and so on.

How are white foreign women perceived in India?

This chapter is about white women in India. How do Indian men see them? Is there a link between porn freely seen in internet cafes around the country and white females? Learn exactly what Indian men think of white women.

How to avoid being raped in India

List of tips for avoiding rape in India! Some of them include; what to wear, learning the local language/customs, not taking food from strangers, being cautious with others etc.

Travel tips for women in India

Again travelling tips for women in India, things they should and not do, what to wear etc.

Avoiding culture shock in India

You’ll love this one. Whether you are going for travel or business, you are going to get a culture shock in India. This is list of things to expect.

Travelling alone in trains

Guide to travelling alone on trains. Although trains are a safe way of getting around but crimes do happen. Find out how to be safe on Indian trains.

Groping and how to avoid it?

Indian men have a habit of groping women. This article tells you how to avoid gropping in public places.

What should female tourists wear in India?

Tells you what to wear! Female travellers ideally should be wearing long sleeved clothes where skin exposure is reduced to a minimum. If possible should wear Indian clothing.

Safety Items for women

These will include some of the travel safety items you must take with you such as alarm, torch, locks and things that will help you protect yourself in India.

Don’t forget these to India

Another list of must take things to India.

Safety tips for Indian hotels

How to be careful when you are in a hotel? Hotels are supposed to be the safest place but unfortunately it can be dangerous if you are staying on your own. Here’s a safe guide on how to protect yourself in the hotels.

How to defend yourself in difficult situations?

Suppose someone approaches you with bad intent and then what do you do? Some martial art tips and practical guide on what to do if you get stuck.

Practical Hindi for your travels in India

List of words and phrases you might need for your travels to India.

Travelling with kids in India

You have to be careful when you are travelling with kids. Here’s a safe travel guide when kids to India.

Travel scams in India

There are various travel scams and how one should avoid it when they are visiting India.

Diseases to beware of in India

India is a tropical country and some diseases are endemic mostly water borne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A and typhoid. This chapter deals with how to avoid them.

Terrorist attacks and abductions of tourists in India

This will be about terror attacks on India and kidnappings of tourists in India.

How to report a crime to the police?

Let’s just hope you don’t have go through this. But if you did, I have outlined the exact steps on how to report a crime in India.

How to deal with beggars?

One of the biggest worries of travellers to India is dealing with beggars? How do you deal with them?

How to use the Indian squat toilets?

Most toilets in hotels are the western types however the public ones aren’t. What do you do if want a poo?

Final words for solo travellers

Final conclusion about travelling to India.

The content in this book is of premium quality. It details the issues and hardships Indian women face in a misogynistic society. I have also outlined reasons why women are often subjected to sexual assault and tried to link the reasons for assault on women travellers visiting India.

I have good tips on hotel safety and some defence tips when facing difficult situations. I have also attempted to understand the mind of Indian men by talking to my husband and relatives and tried to find what they think of white women.

I sincerely hope this book will be helpful to those women wishing to travel to India either on their own or in groups. So grab yourself a copy for the price of a café late and take the misery out of travelling alone in India.

India Travel Survival Guide For Women – on Amazon US and Amazon UK

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