Interview with Alexandra Kovacova of crazysexyfuntraveler

I am a fan of Alexandra Kovacova of She has been travelling as a child and she has covered many countries around the world. Although she has not visited India like some of my other interviewees yet, she says she will visit the country very soon. Read her interview here.

Alexandra Kovacova of crazysexyfuntraveler
High Tatras mountains in Slovakia

Who are you?

My name is Alexandra Kovacova, called Saska by everyone in Slovakia where I was born. I’m a former model with 2 MA degrees and in March 2011 I quit flight attendant job to follow my dreams and travel the world. Been full time travel blogger ever since and never been happier.

Where are you from and tell us a little about your country?

Like I said, I was born in Slovakia, in a small town called Snina. It’s the Easternmost town in Slovakia just 30 km from the border with Ukraine. Slovakia has unbelievable mountains, lakes and rivers and I wish people knew more about it.

Why do you travel?

Travel is the most important thing to me – it’s my hobby, my lifestyle, my job, everything. Like I say ”I live to travel, I travel to live”. It makes me alive and it makes every day interesting and worth living.

Which countries have you travelled to?

To around 45 countries, plus another maybe 15 I don’t really count (stopovers, road trips when I didn’t see much or just spent a day there). You can see the whole list on my about page.

Which country you liked the most and why?

Slovakia is home for me, but somehow I don’t really count it 😀 My favorite country ever is Mexico. I had loved it even years before I visited for the first time in 2011, I even wrote my University thesis about it. And why? I could name at least 26 things why I love Mexico – the positive attitude, the gratitude, culture, Mexican cuisine (OMG guacamole is my God!), pyramids etc …

Encounter with a tiger in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Encounter with a tiger in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Why do you blog about your travels and what do you expect from your readers?

I blog to share my experience, show people how beautiful our Earth is and to inspire people to follow their dreams. And what I expect from my readers? Gratitude and making the first step to go out of their comfort zone and do what makes them happy 🙂

Why the name crazy sexy fun traveler?

Well, that’s the 4 words my friends used to call me before I started my blog. I mean not all at the same time but I put them together as they describe me well 😀

Any interesting travel moments?

For me, the most interesting ones are encounters with animals and meetings with interesting people who can teach me something. The less planned, the better. But I could write a book about them all.

What are your best travel tips?

Pack light – it’s not fun to carry a lot of baggage every day. And also be prepared to go with the flow because some of your plans will change even if you don’t want that. And bring a lot of patience with you 🙂

What’s the strangest food you tried on your travels?

I am crazy in many ways but for me even chicken breast is strange. Now I am raw vegan so the strangest things I try are exotic fruit and vegetables.

Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico
Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico

Have you visited India and if not do you plan to visit India?

No, I haven’t yet but I definitely want to go. Not on my own though, with a friend or two. Actually, 2 friends are trying to convince me now to go to India within a few months so let’s so how it goes.

What are the first things come to mind when you think of India?

Indian curry, the funny English accent I like and a huge challenge for me.

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