Cheap Train Holidays in Europe

When many people think of European holidays, they think of flying but there are other options for travelling to and within Europe. The Continent has a vast rail infrastructure which can be utilised for holidays. As well as an option for getting to a place, train travel in itself can be the holiday when you book a tour by rail.

Rail Way Crossing

Short breaks from the UK

The Channel Tunnel allows direct connections to Europe from London stations via Eurostar. Popular Eurostar holidays include breaks to romantic Paris and Bruges; the latter is arguably one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. Paris is served directly by Eurostar while Bruges is accessible via Brussels. Travel to these cities can be booked as part of an accommodation package or separately, allowing you greater choice of hotels, B&Bs and hostels.

Visit the Jewel of the Rhine

A rail travel package can take you to the beautiful city of Cologne, one of Germany’s oldest cities. Heavily bombed during the war, the city now mixes stunning restored historic buildings with a range of dazzling modern architecture. Cologne is a perfect choice for a rail break, as the train station is in the city centre and has a number of high-speed links across the continent. The statuesque Cologne Cathedral is one of the main attractions in the city. Visitors can view the exquisite main hall for free, though additional parts of the cathedral have a small admittance fee. To experience the full beauty of Cologne, cross the Rhine by the Hohenzollern Bridge and walk along the Rhine Promenade, with spectacular views back across the city and the Old Town, returning over the Deutzer Bridge.

Cheap Train Holidays in Europe

Traverse the Alps by Rail

Rail tours across the Alps allow you to sit back and enjoy the view, as you travel from one charming destination to the next. An Alpine rail tour may include stops in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and Germany. The journey is as important as the destinations, with breathtaking views of icy glaciers, pretty meadows and quaint villages to be seen from the train This is certainly not a journey to catch up on your sleep!

Investigate the Continent with an InterRail Pass

If you prefer to travel independently, a fantastic, budget-friendly way to explore Europe is to buy an InterRail Pass. A ‘One Country Pass’ is available, or to travel further, a Global Pass is available which allows travel within 30 European countries. It is commonly associated with young backpackers but can be used by anyone, no backpack necessary! The Adult and Senior Passes also offer first class travel options for those who wish to travel in luxury. Single trip insurance is essential, as with all holidays, and there are insurance policies designed with the independent traveller in mind. Invest in a decent all-round European travel guide book to help plan your overall journey, while finer details and bookings can all be done online, on the go, making your trip as flexible as you’re willing to be.

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