Hot But Not Bothered: Tourism and Beauty in India and the Middle East

I may be biased, as I was born and brought up in India, but I love my country and am always encouraging people to visit it. However, I have a confession to make: I also really enjoy getting out of India and experiencing the Middle East from time to time. There are a great many ways to enjoy the similarities and differences between these destinations, so I’ve created this quick guide to India, the Middle East and everything you can see and do there, from sightseeing to pampering yourself and looking after your skin while on your travels.

monkeys in india

Mountains, Monkeys and Magnificence

Wherever you travel in India, you’re likely to see something different, something utterly beautiful. Many tourists like to travel to Delhi, take in the city and view Gandhi’s tomb; then hit the road to other cities such as Jaipur, which has wonderfully wide streets; and complete their journey with a visit to Agra, saving the best till last in the form of a visit to the Taj Mahal.

Some travellers like to head for some of India’s highest points, such as Shimla, in the mountains, to where visitors can travel by train overnight, arrive in style and have their bags carried by specially trained porters who take the altitude and steep streets all in their stride. Once settled in, travellers can enjoy Shimla’s sights and meet its resident — and well respected — monkeys. Just don’t get too close: monkeys have been known to strike people who obstruct their path. Worse still, sometimes they’ll snatch your food!

Cultural Blends in the Middle East

The Middle East, as you might imagine, is much larger to travel around and are many sights, cities and principalities that today’s travellers can enjoy. Some view the region as a place that only has basic facilities — but they’d be wrong. Many of the Middle East’s prime destinations have experienced a financial boom in recent years. Destinations such as Dubai have transformed into true cosmopolitan cities and boast great opportunities for shopping, fine dining and luxury beauty treatments.

Elsewhere, the modern traveller would do well to visit Istanbul, Turkey, which has become an intriguing melting pot in which Eastern culture meets West. Over the border and into Syria and you should travel to Damascus, one of the oldest cities in the world. Seeing the ancient walled city of Damascus really believes.

Pampering on the Road

When it comes to relaxing in India and the Middle East, you’ll find that the local beauty treatments are very similar. Skin treatments are one of the best a traveller can experience in these destinations, and don’t be surprised to find that products such as skin whitening serum are popular: a balanced skin tone has its benefits and the market for these products has grown, particularly in the Middle East.

India and the Middle East are sweltering hot and the sun can do a lot of damage to skin, especially if you’re from a country that has a much cooler climate. In these extreme conditions, traditional face masks can give the skin a much-needed treat.

While it’s true that preventing sun damage is much better than attempting to cure it, travellers can lighten any sun spots and brighten their skin using a skin whitening serum, both readily available in India and the Middle East.

India… the Middle East… two amazing parts of the world to visit. They’re also two countries that have soaring temperatures, which means you need to look after your skin while you’re out there. After all, you want to look picture perfect in your holiday snaps, don’t you?

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