Mobile Recharge App Review: Which App Should You Choose?

When a loved one in another country runs out of minutes, you can use a mobile recharge app to transfer credit and stay in touch… but which app is best?

Staying in touch with friends and family is important, and with mobile technology, you can easily remain in contact even when you are in different countries. Of course, sometimes funds run low and minutes run out – but with the help of mobile recharge apps, you can transfer credit from your account to that of your loved one and keep talking!

Mobile Recharge App

There are a few services that have come and gone over the past decade, which allowed transfer of credits from one phone to the next. TransferTo was a popular app in India until it was absorbed by a third party and hasn’t been available for almost a year. Boost and Virgin both formerly allowed credit balance to be sent form one phone to another, but both discontinued the practice after security braches and fraud.

So what opportunities remain for the easy transfer of mobile credits?

ŸMobily is a service that allows credit transfers between customers on the same mobile service. However, they charge steep fees for each transaction, and have transaction maximums that are low so you have to do multiple transfers – paying for each one – to transfer decent amounts of credit.

Ÿ Vodophone allows credit transfer between subscribers in some countries, but, like Mobily, there are hefty fees and proscribed limits as to the amount that can be transferred in one transaction, making it expensive to transfer large sums. Vodophone also limits the number of transactions as well as the total amount allowed to be transferred in any time period.

Ÿ Z Mobile and GO Mobile also allow you to transfer between phones, but charge SMS and roaming fees that can make it expensive. In addition, you can only transfer between phones approved on the network.

All of these mobile recharge apps have the disadvantage of being supported by a single mobile carrier, so your party in the other country must also be a subscriber to the service and have a similar phone. There is only one international mobile recharge app that lets you send credit to almost any phone, almost anywhere in the world.

Ÿ Rebtel’s mobile recharge app is called Sendly. You can use it on almost any phone to send credits to anyone who has the app installed for super low international calling and texting. International mobile recharge with Sendly is also extremely inexpensive, with amazingly low fees depending on destination.

Being able to quickly, easily and affordably carry out a mobile recharge internationally is a great advantage for those with friends or family in countries like India. Apps like Sendly make sharing funds easy! Stay in touch and save with the best mobile recharge app available.

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