Being Fly: How to Find a Cheap Flight

Flights can make a huge dent in our holiday budget, especially when travelling abroad. The quest to get from to A to B and save money is one the greatest challenges for travellers, so when and where can you find the cheapest flights? We bring together some tips.

Booking last minute

You could find a cheap flight by booking last minute, although this method certainly isn’t for everyone. Last minute deals will work out best for those travelling during off-season outside of peak times. Flights are harder to fill during these months, and airlines often drop prices if there are spare seats in the weeks before departure. Last minute deals suit those who can be flexible about travel dates and times, are flying during off-peak times, and can be flexible about their itinerary.

How to Find a Cheap Flight

Early bird tickets

The early bird catches the worm or, in this case, the bargains, especially if you’re planning to travel during peak season. During peak times last minute deals are rare. Flights fill up quickly and the demand is high. By booking as early as possible you have the best chance of finding a cheap flight. Speak to travel agents to find out what deals they can offer you and check price comparison websites. By shopping around you could find an attractive early deal.

Considering the destination

As well as your time of travel, the destination is key when it comes to saving money on your flights. The optimum time to book the flight varies depending on where you’re heading, so there’s no universal rule for when to book. Research the destination to find out about peak times and airports. You can save money by avoiding high season. Why not also fly to a different airport instead of the obvious first choice, then just take a transfer to your destination? There are several airports along the Spanish coast, for instance. You could easily check them and gain an idea of which would be the cheapest to fly to.

Booking flight last minute

Making the most of sales and deals

It’s definitely worth shopping around when it comes to booking flights. Although you should do some research and browse on airlines’ own websites, it pays to compare flight prices on independent sites, too. These websites do the hard work for you, and you can view your options from the cheapest to the most expensive. Some will also allow you to search within a broad window of time and let you know if there are cheaper flights a few days before your ideal departure date.

There’s no one rule for finding a cheap flight, but by researching your destination and shopping around you could certainly find a bargain. Keep your search as broad as possible and start research well in advance of your departure date.

Images by Kate Dreyer and Angelo DeSantis used under creative commons license.

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