Don’t be shocked to see this in India

If you are travelling to India then one of the most striking features that you will notice is her poverty. You might have heard of lots of nice things about how India is making progress and about its growing economy. That is all well and good and rightly so; millions of people have been uplifted out of poverty. You can read more about poverty in India here. Gone are the days when people used to starve to death – thankfully none of that anymore.

But Western tourists find it shocking when they see people living on the streets. Here’s a taste of what you might find in India if you happen to be taking a walk in the early hours of the morning in India.

A family of six in Calcutta

street life in India
This is Calcutta (Kolkata) an extremely over crowded city. People from villages flock to the city for work and most of them end up living on the streets.

You will find that these roadside homes have everything you expect in a home

Living on the streets of India
Makeshift home on the roadside

People sleeping on the roadside

Shocking realisty of India's poor
Shocking reality of India’s poor

These sights might break your heart but do remember many of these people are hard working people and form the backbone of India’s economy and they can take care of themselves. They are the ones who will wash the dishes in the restaurants and wash your clothes while you are sightseeing, they are the ones who drive the rickshaws and carry the luggage for you. India’s new prime minister has pledged a bank account for the 75 million poor Indian households. They do not require pity; all they need is a bit of respect. Images by MM.

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