Hindi help words and phrases with audio for your travels to India

Here are some useful Hindi help related words and phrases that you might wish to memorise in case you need them in India. Remember these are Hindi words, so if you are travelling in the South of India particularly in the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu; there is limited scope that they will understand them. But if you are travelling in North, Central and the Deccan areas of India (limited), you will be understood (covering large sections of India).

Essential hindi words and phrases for travelers to India paperback
Essential hindi words and phrases for travelers to India paperback

Click on the video to listen to me speak the words out. Make sure you listen to my audio and pay attention to the pronunciation.

Help – Madaad
I need help – Mujhe madaad chahiye
Can you help me – Kya aap meri madad kar saktay hai
Help me – Mujhe bachaoo
Save me – Bachao Bachao (to be used in distress meaning)
Stranger – Ajnabi
Hospital – Aspatal
Where is the hospital – Aspatal kaha hai
Take me to the hospital – Mujhe aspatal le chaliye
I’m lost – Mai kho gaya hu (male), Mai khi gayi hui (female)
I need a doctor – Mujhe ek doctor chaiye
I want water – Mujhe paani chahiye
Let’s run – Bhago
Where are we – Hum log kaha hai
I didn’t understand – Mujhe samajh nahi aaya
Can you speak slowly – Kya aap dheera deera bol sakte hai
I am lost – Mai khogayi hu (female), mai kho gayi hu (Mai kho gaya hu)
Go away – Chale jayo
What are you doing – App kya kaar rahe hai
I will call the police – Mai police bulaunga (male), Mai police bulaungi (female)
I can’t speak Hindi – Mujhe Hindi nahi aati
Where is the telephone booth – Telephone booth kaha hai
Police station kidhar hai – Where is the police station
Save – Bachao
Terrorists – Atankvaadi
I have lost my passport – Mera passport kho gaya hai

I sincerely hope that you will not these words and you will have a great time in India but you can’t be too sure as incidents do happen. Feel free to print them out. For more Hindi words and phrases with audio visit here. You might also wish to buy my ebook “Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India” for your travels to India. Finally, if this is not comprehensive enough and you want me to record  more Hindi words and phrases then feel free to leave a comment below.

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