How to have a cheap holiday to India?

India is one of the cheapest countries to be going on holiday when compared to holidays to other parts of the world. Provided that you get your tickets quite cheaply and stay in relatively cheap places then your holiday in India will remain cheap. When I say cheap places to stay, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be bad. There are excellent hotels and guest houses in India that provide great service without the 5-star price tag. If you are coming from Great Britain then even better as the pound stretches quite significantly in India. But no matter where you are going from, you should be able to squeeze a relatively cheap holiday to India.

How to have a cheap holiday to India
How to have a cheap holiday to India: The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi

Let’s take a look at how you can organise a cheap holiday to India:

Buy your tickets to India cheaply: There are no shortages of travel agents or websites where you can buy your tickets cheaply. It’s all about keeping a hawkish eye on the prices. Just type in “cheap tickets to India” and put in the required dates and check out the prices and buy tickets that you are comfortable with. You can always go for package deals to India which can work out quite cheap particularly in the summer months. India gets pretty hot in the summer from April onwards and this is the time to find some cheap holidays to India. During school breaks and half terms, ticket prices to India can be very high so you might want to avoid buying your holidays at these times. You might wish to try getting quotes here. They are pretty good with prices and you don’t have to buy anything so you have nothing to lose. They do have pretty cheap holiday packages to India.

Cheap hotels in India: Once you have your tickets to India sorted out then you want hotels. Again there are no shortages of places where you can buy tickets. I have used Expedia in the past and they seem to have lots of hotels to suit all pockets. The good thing about this website is that customers are able to leave reviews which are very handy. You might wish to try multiple websites some of which include, etc.

Once you have your tickets and accommodation sorted out, it’s a matter of coming and make the most of India. If you are coming to Delhi then the hotel should be able to organise your site-seeing and excursions. Make sure that you include a trip to Agra. What you can do at this stage is get this ebook on Delhi (currently free) and make a list of all the places you want to visit in Delhi. (Here’s a good guide on the best places to visit in Delhi).

Travel Delhi: Places to Visit in Delhi

You can either hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw for each one of the places you want to visit which will work out relatively cheap or you can ask the hotel to organise a taxi for the whole day that will include some of the best places to visit. But if you are travelling locally, I recommend using auto-rickshaws as they are little cheaper than taxis. I do not recommend taking the local buses. To be honest, they are often crowded and can be very confusing so the best options are to take the metro, taxis or the auto-rickshaw.

As for visiting Agra is concerned, again you can ask your hotel to organise a taxi to take you there and back. It will take about 4 hours to get there and same time to get back so you will need to start early. You can always take a 6am train to Agra from New Delhi. You can check the train timings to Agra from Delhi on the Indian Railways website. As long as you return back the same day then a trip to Agra will work out quite cheap. Alternatively, if you wish to stay and see more sites then make sure you book a hotel room in Agra.

India Travel Health Guide: Health Advice and Tips for Travelers to India

One thing I recommend is to eat properly in India. You must make sure that you eat in decent restaurants. If you must eat street food then here’s a guide that you must read. I have health guide on India. It takes you through all the things necessary to stay healthy in India. You can get them on all Amazon stores. But here’s a quick recap; always drink bottled water, go vegetarian, always wash your hands and take your water-borne diseases jabs before you visit India.

No matter where you are going in India, as long as you book your tickets and accommodation cheaply by shopping around, you can easily have a cheap holiday to India. It’s all about doing the leg work yourself. As long as you plan it properly, you can have it cheap.  If you have any questions then feel free to send me a message your post your questions here.

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