Enjoy India's Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in Luxury

Safaris are awesome, but not everyone wants to hike through the jungle for 11 days. If on an extended vacation, it’s nice to be able to change things up and relax by the pool once in a while.

Corbett National Park 

To visit the Corbett National Park in style and comfort, the Corbett Treetop Resort is best. Visitors can drive to Ramnagar or take the train. It’s about five hours by car or six and a half hours by train from New Delhi. The resort is close to the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

From near the resort, guests can take a Jeep and tour the jungle looking for tigers and elephants. There also are plenty of birds to watch and lots of sceneries to take in. While checking out the foliage, visitors will notice the sal tree, which is common in the area. The resin and fruit from the tree are used for various medicinal purposes. The leaves are used in rice cakes, for smoking, making bowls and caulking. The seed oil can be eaten and is called sal butter. It can be used for cooking or burned in oil lamps. More information about the sal tree is available through a Google search.

The adventurous can go on safaris every day. Other outdoor activities include rock climbing, river crossing, nature walks and trekking.

Visitors can come back from the jungle and relax in the pool and dine at the resort’s multi-cuisine restaurant. Of course, if guests are too tired after their adventures, they can stay in their room and order room service. The best time to visit Corbett National Park is from November to June to avoid monsoon season.

Sariska National Park

Not to be outdone by Corbett, the Sariska wildlife sanctuary boasts tigers, leopards, hyenas, jackals and wild dogs. There also are a variety of birds to watch including peafowl, golden-backed woodpecker and the crested-serpent eagle. Ruins of medieval temples also populate the sanctuary. The park is less than a three-hour drive from New Delhi. The nearest city to the park is Alwar, and the train from New Delhi to Alwar takes about four hours. The best time to visit is from October to June to avoid monsoon season.

When staying at the Sariska Tiger Heaven Resort, guests can go on Jeep safaris in the morning or night. There also are other attractions in the area such as the Hanuman Temple, Neekantheshwar Temple, Kankwari Fort and mysterious Bhangarh.

At the resort, guests can enjoy a massage, the gym, pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi.  The resort restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and serves Indian, Chinese and continental dishes. If a room or cottage is not adventurous enough for a guest, the resort offers luxury tents to stay in. There is hot water in the bathrooms, the rooms have air conditioning, and the whole resort has backup power.


The Thekkady district is in Periyar National Park and about a three-hour drive from the Madurai Airport. A flight from New Delhi to Madural will take 3 to 6 hours. Cochin International Airport is a little closer to Thekkady and generally has much faster flights from New Delhi. There are attractions at the Periyar Tiger Reserve visitors will not see at other reserves in India, so it’s worth the trip south.

Trekking is a big part of most wildlife sanctuaries in India. To go bamboo rafting on the reserve, visitors will have to trek through the forest to get to Periyar Lake. There also are boat cruises available. Unlike the rafts, no paddling is required on the motorized boats.

Wildlife visitors can see include tigers, sambar, hundreds of species of birds and plenty of reptiles including the king cobra.

The Woods N Spice resort in Thekkady is near the edge of the reserve and it meant to blend in with the surroundings. The interior of the resort features hardwood walls and floors. The roofs are thatched, so visitors definitely will feel like they are in the forest. The resort features a restaurant, pool, subuthi spa, room service and organized activities on the resort grounds.

Safari advice

If visitors are planning on going out on even a short safari, there are certain things they should bring and do. Visitors should make sure to book their safari or tour in advance because there are permits involved, and getting into reserve may be difficult without them. Also, there are only so many Jeeps, boats and rafts available each day.

The guide should have a first aid kit, but why not bring a small one just in case. Sunscreen, bug spray and sunglasses should be in visitors’ bags whenever they are in India. Hiking boots are not just fashionable in the jungle. During monsoon season or when in Thekkady, wet weather gear is a must. Protect cameras and other electronic devices from water. It might not be eco-friendly, but bottled water is a good idea.

If you are looking for place to stay, Sterling Holidays is located near most famous wildlife sanctuaries in India. Before heading make sure you are well planned for your trip.

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