Travel journal for kids

Most of us go on holidays for the kids. They are the ones who have the most fun. I have therefore decided to create a travel diary and journal for kids so that kids can write about their experiences while they are on holiday. Travel diaries are great things as it allows them to write down what they will be doing, what they expect, what they will be eating, what they want to do and so on. In this travel diary for kids, there are pre-filled questions (one of its kind) for them to write in the lines provided and I have included plenty of spaces for them to draw what they see and even paste photos if they wish. My travel diary/journal for kids is now available on all Amazon stores.

travel diary for kids

My Travel Diary: Travel Diary and Journal: (Travel Diary for kids)

Here are some of the things kids can do in their kids travel journal:

Personalise their diary

Think of safety

Prepare and plan ahead

Write down contact and emergency phones numbers

Write in the prefilled travel and holiday related questions

Express themselves

Be creative

Draw images and paste photos, snaps, etc

Take the capital quiz

Read travel fun facts

Increase general knowledge

Play the alphabet game

I am really excited about this travel diary for my kids as they will be using it to do things while we travelling somewhere. Much of the time is wasted but this travel journal and diary will keep them engaged.

It’s now available on all Amazon stores. Click here to find out more…My Travel Diary: Travel Diary and Journal: (Travel Diary for kids)

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