Try sugarcane juice in India

You might not have thought about drinking sugarcane juice but in India it’s a very popular drink for us Indians. It’s one of the best thirst quenchers around. It’s widely available and cheap as well.

You will be able to find a sugarcane cart everywhere in India. The juice is made by crushing peeled sugarcane sticks and collecting the juice in containers. Some people would simply chew on these sugarcane sticks. As far as I know there are very little risks from drinking sugarcane juice in India. However you must consider if it’s hygienic for you or not. You can read more about it in my book here. The cost of a glass would range from Rupees 10 to 25 per glass.

sugar cane juice in india
A vendor selling sugar cane juice in India

Here are some tips when trying out sugarcane juice in India

  • Ask the vendor to empty out the container in which the juice in being extracted. This way you know that you will get freshly squeezed juice.
  • You can ask the vendor to clean the glasses once again if you aren’t convinced it’s clean.
  • You could take the juice in your own glass or container.
  • Some vendors add salt to the juice, you might wish to avoid it.

Watch sugarcane being extracted 

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