5 photos that will make you think differently about India

Here are 5 photos of India that will make you think! These pictures will give you an entirely different outlook on India and life in general. These photos are in the public domain clicked by various people and uploaded on the net. Let’s take a look at some of these photos.

Cracked feet

I liked this one the best. This is a photo of an old man sleeping. Cracked soles like this are very typical of people in rural India. People in India work hard and don’t bother to care about their feet.

cracked feet

Old woman scavenging

This will be a common sight in many parts of India. Although many people have been uplifted out of poverty but you do see people scavenging scraps of plastic so that they can sell to make some money.

woman scavenging in india

Agriculture in India

Take a visit to the villages of India and you will see people working in their fields. Farmers will not only till their land manually, they will also harvest and collect everything manually. Other parts of the world may have moved on, but in India many of the poor farmers still work manually. In this picture a rural woman is selling fruits to motorists.

woman selling fruits in india

Old women

Go to any small town, you will find women sitting and looking at the traffic go by. The ashes on their forehead are holy ash called “vibhuti” made of burnt wood used to worship Lord Shiva.  The act of applying vibhuti is to remind Hindus that the world is impermanence.

old women india

Man having a trim and shave

Another common scene in India! Many men don’t shave at home and hence go to roadside barbers who charge next to nothing. Next time you go to India, you might try it.

barber india

India is a great place for taking photos. Here are tips on how to take beautiful photos in India.

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