Best places to visit in Rajasthan during Diwali

Rajasthan is an Indian state that is known for its many big celebratory festivals and events that take place there each year. Although people are spread out over the state in small numbers, they all come together and forget about their troubled lives in order to celebrate the occasion. Out of all the festivals that take place in Rajasthan, the most popular one is the Diwali festival. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate light in every sense of the word. That is why it is nicknamed the Festival of Light.

Diwali fireworks
Diwali fireworks

The creation of the Diwali festival can be linked to the ancient Hindu poem entitled “Ramayana.” In this poem, Lord Ram was in exile for 14 years and then finally returned to his kingdom called Ayodhya. As he arrived, there were lamps called diyas that were set up all throughout the kingdom to welcome him back. So, the tradition continued where the people in Rajasthan would set up as many illuminating objects as they could. When you go to Rajasthan on Diwali day, you will see electric lights, candles, diyas, fireworks and anything else that could possibly illuminate at night.

Johari Bazar Jaipur
Johari Bazar Jaipur: Photo by Olga

Of course, Rajasthan is a big state so you might be wondering which towns and cities have the most exciting celebratory events to witness. There is no better city than the capital of Rajasthan, which is Jaipur. There you can visit the Johari Bazar at nighttime and just take a walk through this jewelry marketplace that is lit up like Broadway. Every single shop and dwelling along this marketplace will have decorative lights all over it. And if you see a piece of jewelry that catches your eye, you can purchase that too.

The Nahargarh Fort will give you a beautiful view of the entire city of Jaipur as it is lit up at nighttime during Diwali. You will see yellow lights, purple lights, and red lights spread out everywhere. The yellow lights, of course, dominate the city which is why it looks like a gold city from the point at Nahargarh Fort. Also, if you happen to travel near the Jal Mahal palace which lies in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake, then you will see the entire palace lit up out in the water too.

As a tourist, you can fly into Jaipur International Airport to land right in the middle of the festivities. You can also try Rajasthan tour package and let them find you the best places in Rajasthan. There are plenty of buses and taxis that can take you around the city and bring you to these locations where Diwali can be experienced at its best. Two roads in particular that you should travel on are Tonk Road and Mirza Ismail Road. There are so many different colored lights on these roads that it will make you feel like you’re driving down Las Vegas Blvd. The only difference is you’ll see people celebrating in the streets with live music and dancing. You’ll truly get a sense of the culture and historical significance of Diwali as you move throughout Jaipur at nighttime.

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