Introduction to India – My new book

I am excited to announce that I have published another book related to India. This one has to be one of my favourites. The book is called, “Introduction to India: Culture and Traditions of India: India Guide Book”. The book is mainly written for those who have never been to India, or those who are travelling to India and wants to learn a few things before they travel to India.

Introduction to India
Introduction to India

Here are the things you will learn about India: Introduction to India: Culture and Traditions of India: India Guide Book

Introduction to India
People of India
History of India
Hinduism- The main religion of India
Caste system of India
Cricket – The most popular sport in India
Indian food – What Indians eat and how
Indian women: Arranged marriages and the dowry system
Bollywood – The film industry of India
The cow – India’s holy animal
Best places to visit in India for cultural experience
Languages of India
Hindi for fun – Learn some basic Hindi
Popular Festivals of India
Ramayana – Epic story of right and wrong
Mahabharata – The ancient epic poem of India
The Taj Mahal
Traditional dresses of India

You will find plenty of information about India. So if you want a copy of this book then you can buy it on all Amazon stores. Introduction to India is available as kindle ebook and paperback.

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