5 Tips for Business Travellers Visiting India

The thriving business climate in India has made it extremely favourable for companies abroad to set up branches or operations here. We can safely say that businesses are now transcending boundaries. Therefore, if you are a part of a company with a global presence, a visit to India to meet clients, fellow team members, or even training is always in the offing.

India has always been popular among the travellers from the world. The booming business travel sector and growing economy of India have made the country another favourite for corporate travels.

India is a big country and the sights – right from the huge population to the bustle may overwhelm you. Here are some quick tips to ensure your trip remains smooth:

  1. Book a comfortable stay

Travelling to India for a business trip usually means you will be heading to the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru or the capital city of Delhi. Booking the right hotel for your stay matters particularly if you are new to the country. The LaLiT should be your go-to choice; it is among the best business hotels in Delhi with properties in Mumbai and Bengaluru as well. The brand is renowned across the world for its warm hospitality and a wonderful ambiance that mixes the best of Indian traditions with modernity.

They are also located in strategic parts of the cities, making intra-city travel for meetings and leisure much easier for you.

  1. Pre-arrange your ride from the airport

It is advised to pre-arrange your cab ride from the airport. It is one of the best ways to avoid disguised unlicensed drivers near the airport who may fleece you by taking you through longer routes. You can reach out to the hotel you are staying for any assistance on the same. Luxury resorts in India, including The LaLiT, provide you with airport shuttle services, ensuring a reliable and comfortable ride for you. The major cities also have global cab aggregators such as Uber so you can book the same.

  1. Make the most of the facilities provided by the hotel

Staying at one of the leading hotels during your business trips means an access to a whole world of fantastic amenities. Reach out to the front desk if you need help with laundry, exploring the city or accessing the spa, the swimming pool or the in-house gym. The in-house restaurants also offer you a great fare and eclectic menu to choose from. The LaLiT houses some of the best restaurants in the respective cities. Their 24×7 restaurant, Baluchi has a great breakfast spread and some grand Indian delicacies. There is the Boulangerie to satisfy your pastry cravings and KittySu if you wish to relax in a lounge post your meetings.

New Delhi International Airport

  1. Stay well hydrated

India is among the world’s warmer countries. The tropical weather can get a bit taxing so be sure to stay hydrated throughout. Your hotel room may even provide you with travel sized bottles of water for convenience; pick them if you can before stepping out for the meeting.

  1. Formally address your business associates

It is common practice in India to address fellow colleagues with Mr. or Ms. along with their last name. If you are unable to pronounce or catch the name at the first go, feel free to ask them again and try your best to nail the pronunciation. If your associates request to address by their first name, please do.

  1. Remember to unwind

Visiting India and not go sightseeing is a trip incomplete, be it a leisure trip or a business one. Your hotel can assist you with recommended places to visit along with your preferred mode of transport. Soak in the culture when you step out to mingle in the crowd. The crowd is extremely diverse in the major cities so be prepared to spot many cultures and languages around you. Indians are staunch believers in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘the Guest is equivalent to God’. So, don’t be surprised if you see the locals going out of their way to help you out.

Japanese tourist wearing sari in Agra

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