How to combine both studying and traveling

Many people think that studying while travelling is something way too impossible. The only opportunity they see is to take a gap year before going to the university. There are still your summer holidays or Christmas for your trips, but is it enough? Combining traveling and studying is not always easy, but any travel lover can manage it. The key to succeeding as a travelling student is getting well-organized. Just think ahead when you choose your course to make sure you will be able to combine both study and travel. Check out our tips below before planning your next adventure.

1. Take an online course

The only thing you need for taking an online course is an internet connection! Many colleges offer different online courses. Enrolling in such classes will allow you to study anywhere in the world. You will get your personal account, where you will be receiving different study materials, and instructions. After reading them, you will have to submit your assignments and homework.  Online courses will give you the opportunity to plan your study time during a day and you can create your own schedule. By taking an online course, you will be able to combine studying and travelling easily.

2. Set study goals

Before going on the greatest adventure of your life, you should decide how much time you want to dedicate to study and how much time you will have for exploring new places. The important thing is to be realistic. There is nothing good in spending 5 hours trying to study while thinking about your new destination.

 3. Get a math writing job

You can get online writing jobs particularly online math jobs to fund your travels. There is a large demand for math writer jobs for people from a native English speaking country. Students are in need of academic support and many are going online for help. You can work freelance from the comfort of your home or from your hotel while travelling. If you are good at math particularly algebra, statistics and calculus then freelance math writing jobs will be ideal for you.

4. Take the right resources

You will need some technology to stay connected. Travel with a compact laptop, battery charger and a pair of earphones, so you don’t disturb other people while watching some study material. You can also download some helpful study apps to your phone that will help you rise productivity. The good thing is that you can get access to dictionaries and other textbooks online. Thus, there is no need to bring all your heavy books with you.

5. Use a help

If you are going to miss a deadline with your assignment, because you want to see the ceremony that only happens once in a blue moon, then you can just buy a research paper for college and relax for a bit. It is important to have fun when you are travelling and enjoy the moment while you are there.

6. Local research options

Check out the libraries while exploring a new city. Learn first hand from locals and take some notes to add to your assignment.

7. Long flights

Nothing fun is going to happen on a long flight, so use it as the opportunity to hit the books. That is a perfect way to concentrate on your study materials, as nothing will disturb you. Once you get to your destination, you can start exploring a new place without feeling guilty.

8. Budget

As an average student, we know that your budget is limited. But there are some tricks that can help you save money. For instance, people love helping students, because they know that they are travelling on a student budget. Thus, do not be afraid to use this benefit. Also, you can stay with locals for free, while doing some volunteering work. Be sure to check out such sites like Tripadvisor, Couchsurfing, or Hitchwiki. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive!

9. Semester abroad

Also, you can just take a semester or a year overseas if you are scared of travelling constantly. Many universities offer a chance to study abroad within a course. Thus, read the instructions, apply and be strong. If your university doesn’t have a study abroad programme, then take a look at Erasmus. They will try to help you out.

These are just a short list of tricks, which will help you to enjoy travelling while studying. There are much more techniques you will pick up during your journey. But your organizational skills and productivity levels must be on point to give you enough time to explore places and do assignments simultaneously. Make sure your college provides you with good online support and flexibility and go to the next adventure!

Author’s Bio: Elizabeth Skinner is a travel enthusiast and a freelance writer focusing on education and adventures. She enjoys exploring different cultures and meeting new people. When she was a student, she hitchhiked all over the country. Thus, she believes that money is not a barrier when it comes to travelling. Elizabeth also writes for EduBirdie.

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