Indian corn on the cob with chili and lime – Must try Indian street food

There are no shortages of street food in India. Here’s another one you would like. It’s cheap and tasty!

Corn on the cob India

How about trying corn on cob (called “Bhutta” in Hindi) with chilli, salt and lime?  It makes a great snack while walking on the streets of India. It’s not the usual baby corns in the salad that you will be used to.

bhutta in hindi

The closest would be the ones you put on the barbecues. But if you try these Indian corn on the cob, you will never want any other corn.

Bhutta in English

You can find these corns being sold on the streets everywhere in India. They will sprinkle a bit of lime, salt and chilli for taste. Great thing about it is that they are baked over coal that gives a distinct taste.


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