5 Must Visit Locations Present in Goa

India is a place which is full of beautiful sites that one can visit. To explore India, one will need to go to the key places that actually hold the true essence of India. A whole Indian subcontinent is a place where you can find different types of landforms at the same space. The coastal areas of India are known for their rich agricultural background and also because of its ports. One such place is the state of Goa. The state is quite small but it has an importance in India as it was a Portuguese colony in the past.

So, let us know a few places that one can visit in Goa.

  • Baga Beach: When you are in Goa, you cannot miss the famous Baga beach. It is a place that is bubbling with life and it is wonderful to look at. As a tourist, one can visit the beach to sunbathe or take a dip in it. At night, the beach becomes a party hub where you can find people from all over India and also from abroad. You will also find the best hotels in Goa around the Baga beach.

  • Fort Aguada: As we said earlier, Goa is a hub of the Portuguese culture. You have to visit Fort Aguada if you are interested in its colonial history. The fort faces the Arabian sea which gives it an exquisite location. It even has an old lighthouse that was built in 1864. Tourists explore the fort complex because of its beautiful architecture and its closeness to nature.

  • Anjuna Beach: If you want to see a beach that is lined with red lateritic rocks then this will be your favourite place in Goa. It is a serene beach where you can enjoy your day to the full brim. If you are able to visit the beach on a Wednesday, you can experience the amazing flea market that is famous among the locals as well as the tourists.

  • Spice plantations: Goa was always the choice of the Portuguese because of its port and the rich spice plantations. So, they form a very big part of the culture of Goa and you can feel that in their food and also the people. Currently, Goa hosts a spice plantation safari where you can see the different spices growing right on the plants. These plantations are generally situated about 30 Kms away from Panaji so it is very easy to visit them.

  • Divar Island: This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places present in Goa. The island is covered in forests which add to the experience of seeing the island. You have to go by a Ferry and there is a small village on the island which gives you the best hospitality even for being a small place.

So, here are some of the places that you should visit in Goa. Apart from these, there are several lesser known beaches that one can see. Another important part of Goa is the nightclubs and restaurants where you can spend hours. The state is quite beautiful and a tourist should definitely take in all parts of the state.

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