Best places for educational trips in India

Your college days will be the best time to travel. You are not going to have a boss that will turn down your leave request, and your parents also have little or no say on how long you stay on your trips. The ease of finding dissertation helps to help manage your project also makes it fun. At least, you can focus on your journey without a peaceful mind.

However, the only thing you need to be more concerned about at this point is the destination you are visiting. But if you are taking an educational trip to India, then consider visiting the following places.

  1. Rajasthan, Chittorgarh

If you are visiting Rajasthan, then one of the cities you should not fail to set your feet on is Chittorgarh. Chittorgarh is one of the best places to visit for an educational trip. It’s a land bursting with a plethora of side attractions and history. The architecture of Chittorgarh Fort is also a sight to behold.

Visit the numerous temples and palaces in this area. But don’t just walk around without asking questions. Historical places like these have significant pasts. So, get information on how Chittorgarh became a must-see destination in India and its incredible histories. Furthermore, if you have a keen interest in historic wars fought in India, rest assured you will learn a lot when you pay a visit to the fort complex.

  1. Gujarat, Dholavira and Lothal

Pay a visit to the Indus Valley Civilization and see things for yourself. If that’s your mission, Dholavira and Lothal are two places in India you need to consider visiting. Located in Gujarat, Dholavira and Lothal are fortified historic sites, famous for their technological and systematic way of living which was exhibited hundreds of years ago.

The settlements in Dholavira and Lothal are fascinating. You will be amazed that these settles were planned and executed long ago when technology was nonexistent. You will find proper drainage, sanitation, and water conservation system.

However, this region has many places you can sightsee, learn and enhance your knowledge of world history, particularly of India. Explore the many water storing tanks or the uncommon step wells.

  1. Assam, Kaziranga National Park

Assam is another must-see destination in India. It’s a place best for educational trips, relaxation and fun. Famous for its archaeological sites, wildlife and tea plantation, Assam has a lot of places you can explore to learn and create unforgettable memories.

Head straight to the Kaziranga National Park, named a UNESCO world heritage national park famous for its one-horned Rhinoceros. But the impressive thing is that you won’t only get to see these endangered species but learn a lot about other animals in the region.

You will find diverse species of animals in this region, including the eastern swamp deer, wild boar, wild Asiatic water buffalo, and the Indian muntjac. But besides animals, the Kaziranga National Park also has different types of vegetation. So, if you are a biology student or like to be around such habitats, then this area should be on your list of must-see places in India.


India is a blessed country with many historic places, and side attractions that make it worth visiting. According to, it’s a place most students would be happy to write about because of the rich history and culture of the region. Again, if you are thinking of where next to go on an educational trip to India, you can choose any of the places on this list. You will not only acquire more knowledge but create unforgettable memories when you visit these regions.

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