Bombay Omelette Curry – Street food to try in India

Next time you are in Mumbai then you have to try the Bombay omelette curry. It’s not the typical street food of Mumbai like the Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri or the Vada Pav but it’s still popular and must try when you visit Mumbai. If you are on the streets of Mumbai and want to try a street food that’s different then the Bombay omelette curry is something you could have a go at. Omelette is very popular in Mumbai but curry omelette is something that is slightly different and will certainly win you over if you love eggs. In fact you should be able to find the Bombay omelette curry in most places in India. Take a look how it’s made on the streets of Mumbai and make your mind if you do want to try the Bombay omelette curry.

Often cheese is grated on up along with fresh coriander.  The curry omelette is then served with pav or naan bread.

If this dish is not on the menu you can even request the restaurant or the dhaba to make you the omelette curry. Indian chefs are experts in most street food dishes.

If you want to make the omelette curry at home then take a look at this video. Why not try it at home. So don’t forget look out for the dhaba or the stall that makes the Bombay omelette curry next time you are in India. Here are the top street foods of India to try.

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