Must Explore Hidden Places of South Goa

A popular beach destination, the Party Capital of India and a paradise to unwind– Goa is all of that and more. Regular tourists who visit Goa frequently go to the famous places like – the Baga Beach, Tito’s Bar, Calangute, Vagator, Anjuna, Fort Aquada and others. But if you are riveted by lesser known places then Goa has a lot more to offer. There are several hidden places in South Goa which are isolated and are visited by just few.

South Goa offers you the quiet and calmer side of Goa. Goa is a must place if you like beach holidays. With Goa, you can combine a beach holiday at the same time you can have all the fun of India has to offer like great food, shopping bazaars, bars and great night clubs on the beach.

Here are few must explore hidden places of South Goa for you!

Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is no less of a paradise, and it is also one of the secret beaches in South Goa. The Cabo de Rama Fort is a major attraction close to the beach. Sprawling over a stretch of three kilometers of golden sand, it is an ideal place for swimming and sunbathing. If you are looking for some peace and solitude then head to the Agonda Beach, you won’t be disappointed.

Why Visit? A perfect place to unwind and enjoy the solitude you have been craving. It is also a popular spot for angling. Soormai, Salmon, and Mullet are frequent catches.

Location: Canacona Taluka, South Goa district.

Agonda beach
Agonda beach: Image by Aleksandr Zykov

Rivona Cave

Most people know about the Portugal history of Goa, but very few are aware of its connection to Buddhism. Visit Rivona Caves to find out more about this part of the Goan history. Also, known as Pandava caves, it is believed that Buddhist Monks constructed these caves in the 6th century. The cave has a stone sculpture of Buddha in ‘Bhumisparsha’ posture.

Why Visit? Considered as one of the few examples of the Buddhist history visible in Goa today.

Location: Situated in the village of Rivona, South Goa district.

Netravalli – Bubbling Lake

A unique lake in Sanguem Taluka, it gets the latter part of its name due to the bubbling effect created on the surface of the lake frequently. Clapping or stepping heavily on the steps of the lake causes the water to start bubbling. Continuous clapping will increase the intensity of the bubbles, with live springs’ suddenly gushing out, which is a spectacular sight. However, this isn’t magic. The reason for the bubbles is the amassed methane gas from the vegetation underwater. Smallest of movements cause the gas to escape hence creating the bubbles.

Why Visit? There is a temple of Lord Gopinath near the lake, and it holds a sacred value for many believers. Also, several tourists visit this place for the bubbles and take a dip in the waters known for its medicinal value.

Location: Netravali region in Sanguem Taluka, South Goa.

Netravali Bubbling Lake
Netravali Bubbling Lake: Image by Solarisgirl

Kakolem Beach

Known as the Tiger Beach, it is one of the most scenic and unseen places in Goa. The beach lacks crowd and is most importantly clean. Besides being isolated, it is also amongst the remotest beaches of Goa. It has a breathtakingly beautiful view of the surroundings and is accessible from a small cliff. There is also a small spring close to the beach.

Why Visit? Ideal for people who love adventure and uncrowded beaches.

Location: 7 km south of Cabo De Rama Resort, South Goa.

kakolem beach
kakolem beach

Hope we managed to break the stereotype of what Goa is all about. The next time you visit Goa be sure to visit the South of Goa at least, even if you are staying in North Goa. A visit to some of the unexplored parts of South Goa is a must to understand the true essence of this beach town.

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