Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Visiting India

Many travel enthusiasts often think of India as a must-travel destination. However, before you pack your bag and grab your airplane ticket, there are a few travel rules that you should familiarize yourself with.

Not checking the weather

One of the biggest mistakes that you are prone to make when visiting India is not researching the weather. As every travel enthusiast that has visited India before knows, the weather changes quite a lot, depending on the season. If you want to have a great time and you plan on visiting a big part of the country, you should plan your trip somewhere between October to March.

If you want to travel on a budget, and you want to visit the country off-season, you should expect to find many guest houses that are closed. For instance, in Goa, all beach shacks and most beach huts are taken down every monsoon. So, there is a high chance that you will end up paying more for accommodation as you will have to check-in at a hotel that is over your initial budget.

Moreover, during the off-season, many restaurants, especially the popular ones run by foreigners are likely to be closed, as many owners usually go on vacation or they return home to visit their families. Similarly, many local restaurants are also closed as there are not enough customers to turn a profit.

Also, traveling off-season is problematic because you might not get to take part in outdoor activities such as canyoning or rafting. If you plan on learning reiki or yoga, you should also keep in mind that most artists and spiritual leaders are generally away during this part of the year.

Not keeping your belongings safe

Traveling to India is a wholesome experience, but it also comes with a couple of risks, as there is a high chance that you will get robbed if you don’t keep an eye on your bags.

To stay safe while using local transportation such as trains, metros, and buses, it is also recommended that you dress accordingly so that you won’t draw too much attention to yourself, especially if you travel alone.  If you want to take a bathroom break, it is always a good idea to take your belongings with you.

Not packing accordingly

When it comes to packing, there are two mistakes that you can make, you can either pack too much, or you can underpack. To avoid this, you should plan the type of clothing that you want to take with you depending on the areas that you intend to visit.

For example, when visiting areas such as Kerala or Goa, you can wear pretty much whatever you want. However, in smaller cities and rural areas you should cover up more, as people are more conservative.

Plus, keep in mind that there are many clothing items and accessories that you can buy in India, and, thus, you should not bring from home. For instance, in India, you can find scarves, Ali Baba pants, and sarongs at a budget-friendly price.

One essential thing that you should not ignore is getting travel insurance. There are many insurance packages that you can acquire, depending on your needs and the duration of your visit.

This way, you will be covered in case of an emergency hospital visit. Do not worry, the medical treatments that they provide are of good quality. In other words, you won’t have to pack an endoscope in your bag.

Not getting a VISA

Imagine this: you’ve just arrived in India, you got off the plane and you are forced to go back home because you don’t have the right VISA. You can avoid this situation by simply visiting the India Visa Center for Cox and King website.

Here you can find info regarding the type of VISA that you need as a tourist in India. The process of actually getting the VISA can take some time, so be sure to start the formalities in due time. However, once you get it, the VISA is only valid for six months from that point on, not from the time you actually get to India.

To encourage travelers to visit the country, in 2014, the Indian Government has launched a new program called the eVisa. It can be obtained by travelers from 160 countries of the world. If you plan on staying in India for a short period, you should consider applying for this type of VISA instead.

Renting a car and driving

Traffic in India can be a problem since it is very dense, as you would expect for such a big country but the rules sometimes seem to be mere guidelines and not a universal code that drivers adhere to.

If you are not an experienced driver and want to enjoy your trip to India as you should, we advise you to go for other options such as a radio taxi or if you are a fan of exercise you can choose to explore this beautiful country by kick-scooter and reading this guide will help you choose one that fits you and your needs best.

But there is something special about walking. You can enjoy the sights and take your time exploring the cities, while also have a snack or even learn more about the history. If you don’t want to do all that by yourself, you must know that there are planned tours and some of them are even free of charge.

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