5 best golf courses for your next vacation

Golf is an excellent game for the mind, body, and soul, and those who play this game with complete heart and soul will surely agree with us. But golf will be a completely different experience if you play it on the best courses.

A trip around the globe promises some best golf courses but we have listed 5 of our favorites.


Algarve Golf Holidays is the ultimate destination for any golfer. Algarve has everything to be voted as the best golf destination. The picturesque nature, the professional 18 holed courses, the world’s best luxury resorts, and ultra-best holiday services are some of the top features to mention.

Every resort in Algarve is made to give an authentic golf experience. Algarve even has golf courses wherein you can play golf at night. So, a true golf fan must visit Algarve for an amplifying golf experience.

Valderrama, Spain

This golf course gained its popularity by hosting the Ryder Cup Matches. But besides that, it is one of the best golf courses that you will find in Spain. If you are visiting Spain a visit to Costa del Sol is a must.

This professional golf course has hosted innumerable golf tournaments and has been praised by the best players. A real golf lover is surely going to include this course in the ‘to be visited list’ when in Europe.

Budersand, Germany

Here the challenges thrown to a golfer are not by any competitor but by nature. Situated alongside the North Sea, this golf course has the most unpredictable climate which throws numerable challenges for a golfer. Sometimes the sea is calm with silent breezes and sometimes it is rough throwing away the wind.

No matter what the mood the sea is in, you are sure to have a splendid experience. The designers have managed to put 90 bunkers for the players to avoid. So, this is one course where a real golf game can be played actively.

Biella, Italy

Welcoming its guests from April to November, this golf course is accommodated within nature. At an altitude of almost 2000 meters, this 18-holed golf course provides a feeling of peace and serenity while playing the game.

When there is so much stillness around, you can enjoy the game without any disturbance. The resort of this course provides the best hospitality and mouth-watering cuisines. So, head off to Italy, and do visit the best golf course in the country for playing a peaceful and interesting game of golf.

Victoria Golf Course, Portugal

The famous Arnold Palmer has given his art life, by designing this best golf course. The golf masters never miss a visit here when in Portugal. Spread over a whooping arena of 90 hectares, this golf course is one of the best golf courses you might see in your lifetime.

Preservation of the wetlands and properly placed bunkers add to the aura of this place. A true golfer finds his paradise here and will not want to leave the place easily.

These are some of the riches from the world’s bounty. No matter which of the above places you plan to visit first, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and aura of the courses. These courses are every golfers’ dream come true. So, pack your bags, and give yourself an ideal golf vacation.

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