7 Places to jump off for an adventure in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the few island countries, which offers you the impressive topography of high mountains, mighty rivers and captivating glaciers- all at the same time. It is considered to be one of the most attractive & adventurous countries. As a result, the instructors and guides for the various adventure activities are highly qualified, with impeccable knowledge of the safety protocols.

So, are you adrenaline-pumped about the breathtaking yet safe adventures that New Zealand provides? Then let’s talk about the best places to jump off for an adventure in New Zealand. Here, I suggest 4 best Skydive sites and 3 best Bungy jumping sites in New Zealand.


Sure, the thought is scary to some, but what is an adventure, without an unnerving hint of excitement? Just imagine the excitement of free falling at 150+ km/hr. Harness the thrill and enjoy it for about a minute, and then slowly parachute down with an enthralling view all around you, that will make you come back again! No doubt it’s among every youngster’s to-do (and to-repeat) lists. Here, I’m presenting the best sites for skydiving in New Zealand.

1. Glenorchy, Near Queenstown

If you go a bit further from Queenstown, you reach Glenorchy, a beautiful town next to the gorgeous Lake Wakatipu. Just as you go up, and get near the drop zone, your tandem jump master will take you to a whole new level of an incredibly scenic view of dramatic mountains and Lake Wakatipu. Be it a 9000 ft (20 secs freefall), 12000 ft (30 secs freefall) or 15000 ft (50+ secs freefall) jump, these jump photos and videos would a moment of laughter and happiness in future. I enjoyed Skydiving at Glenorchy and loved the view while free-falling. You actually jump over the lake and the experience is a complete stunner!

Watch Glenorchy Skydive Video: 

2. Franz Josef

What if you jumped off the plane, and saw NZ’s biggest glacier, its highest mountain ranges and the Tasman Sea in your view. And what if you glided you way down between lakes and soaring peaks. If you let out a gasp, then Franz Josef is open all days with excellent skydiving operators. There are options to dive from 20,000 ft (85+ secs freefall), 16,500 ft (70 secs freefall) and 13,000 ft (25 secs freefall). Highly specialised jump masters will make you feel at ease, thus your only confusion should be between a tandem or solo skydive. We wanted to opt for skydiving at the Franz Josef site, but the weather didn’t allow us. So we finally jumped over Glenorchy.

If you are able to get a slot at Franz Josef then don’t opt for the 20,000 ft. It gives you 15 seconds of extra free fall as compared to 16,500 feet. The view is more or less the same and you end up shelling more money! Moreover, you might need an oxygen cylinder if you are jumping off 20K feet. I’d strongly recommend jumping from 16.5K feet as I feel it’s more value for money.

3. Wanaka

Skydiving in New Zealand is also famous at Wanaka. With tandem skydive options at 9000 ft, 12000 ft and 15000 ft, jumps will involve the breathtaking experience of free-fall and gliding down among clouds, glistening lakes, the Clutha River, vast expanses and the magnificent Southern Alps right below. Wanaka is on the to-do list of skydives in New Zealand, and the perfectly qualified instructors ensure that once you jump off that plane, you get the adrenaline rush of your dreams!

4. Auckland

This is one of the lesser-known places for skydiving in New Zealand; a few divers consider it even better than Wanaka! Enjoy the black sand beach view along with Mt Ruapehu and Mt Taranaki peaks and forests in the backdrop of the largest city of New Zealand, as you perform this high-altitude thrill! Jumps ranging from 9000 ft to 20,000 ft, Auckland offers a wide range for both solo and tandem jumpers.

Being the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland is also a cultural hub, where adventurers can also do other things after or before this incredible jump!

Watch Nevis Bungy Jump Video: 

Bungy Jumps:

The other jump that can be as exhilarating, if not more than a skydive, is bungy jumping. Tie a rope to your leg and waist, give a thumbs up to your self and jump off among the epic scenery around you. It’s a solo adventure, and that leap-of-faith into sheer depth is the adrenaline-rush you would want on your bucket list. So, Kia Kaha and gear up for yet another gift from New Zealand!

CAUTION: If you have a history of spinal or cranial bone problems, consult your doctor first.

1. Nevis Bungy

Probably the ultimate bungy jumping destination in New Zealand, Nevis Bungy jumping, swinging and catapult at Queenstown is the third-highest Bungy jump spot in the world, with 134 m height. Above a rather thin flowing Nevis River, shut off your fear and take the leap-of-faith at around 130 km/hr freefall. Not for the faint-hearted, these captivating mountains and valley of excitement are on the to-do list of every adrenaline junkie. It leaves you with remarkable memories. Along with Bungy jump, we also experienced the Swing at Nevis. The swing at Nevis is actually world’s biggest Swing! Worth visiting, isn’t it?

Watch Nevis Swing Video:

2. Kawarau Bungy

Yet again in Queenstown, experience the thrill with the iconic Kawarau Gorge Jumping Bridge. This is the second-most popular bungy jumping destination in New Zealand and offers options for every budget. From a 43 m height jump solo or with your partner, into the glacier-fed Kawarau River amongst natural scenery and experience what is called the other side of fear! Photos, videos and T-shirts are available for you to have a sweet memory of it.

3. Taupo Bungy

Taupo presents you a high cliff-top Bungy jumping and swinging in New Zealand. Experience overlooking a crystal clear Waikato river between towering cliffs, taking an exhilarating jump, and touching the freshwater before hanging or swaying from a height of 154 ft. You can either choose to fall off solo or a tandem partner in crime. This beautiful site is also a sight to sore eyes, especially for those who are yet to overcome their fear.

New Zealand is indeed an adventure enthusiast’s paradise and we had a lot of fun while indulging in these nerve-wrecking, adrenaline pumping activities!

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