Indian Food Facts

The food of India is considered to be exquisite in terms of taste as well as in cooking methods. India reflects a perfect blend of different cultures and ages as compared to the rest of the world. As far as Indian food is concerned it involves thousands of regional food which are both indigenous and blend of food habits from all over the world. During the time of pre-independence, the dishes of India were characterised with an extensive use of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Apart from its external inheritance, the food of India has also gained influence from traditional impact.

Eating Habits

In India, people used to have a healthy breakfast and prefer to drink tea or coffee as refreshment. Speaking of different regions the North Indian people are habit of roti, parathas and any kind of vegetable dish with an additional pickles and curd; the western India people serve themselves with milk and dhokla; and for south Indians they have dosas and idlis with varying chutney. Lunch in India is considered as the important portion for a day, in south and east region they serve themselves rice and for northern and western parts they have rotis made out of whole wheat. The lunch may be accompanied with different kind of vegetables or by items like nan, kulcha etc with an addition of curd and sweets of 2 or 3 in number. With tradition they have Paan or betel leaves that helps in digestion after lunch is over. Considerably at the evening the families would gather to have evening breakfast in terms of tea and snacks. Followed by dinner where the whole family gathers for this occasion.

What they eat??

Indian food known for its taste is very much generous in spices throughout India. Keeping in mind to every Indian dish has some medicinal and nutritional values.

Food of North India

Referring to the food of north India it reflects to kashmiri dishes, it shares all kind of items with rice but in special they cook a delicious item called “saag” prepared of green leafy vegetables called “Hak”.

In compared to other states like Haryana, Punjab and UP consumes a great deal of chapattis as there staple food. Related to chapattis they consume various baked items that include Rumalli, Naan and Tandoori, chole bhature etc. Moreover it is assumed to have impact of Mughlai food.

Food of west India

The dishes of this region are known of its unique taste and availability of variety food. The region includes states like Gujarat and Rajasthan, and is surplus with wide varieties of dals and pickles.

Unlike Maharashtra which involves two kind of food category namely rice and wheat. But to the coastline of Mumbai is famous for fishes which include dishes like Pomfret and Bombay Prawn.

Considering Goa which is towards south is known have influence of Portugese and includes dishes like duck baffad, egg molie, Vindaloo and sorpotel etc.

Food of East India

Considering of the eastern region it follows the style of both Assamese and the Bengalis. Bengalis is known to have rice and fish as there staple food which is prepared using the process name “Hilsa”. Apart from the primary food people of this region prepare sweets using milk as the beverage that would include Rashogollas, Sandesh, Cham Cham etc.

Food of South India

The states in this region use a great deal of spices, coconuts and fishes in coastal areas. It has been featured with the use of tamarind that adds a taste of sourness to the dishes.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is presumed to have an imputable use of chillies that improves taste of the dishes.

The state of Kerala includes dishes like Idlis, Dosas, lamb stew, fried prawn, fish molie, appams and rice puttu along with an additional item called sweet coconut milk.

How they eat??

As per tradition, people of India prefer eating with their hands. There might be the use of cutlery in the eating process but most of the Indians Prefer to eat with their hands.

Following points help you know how Indian use to eat their food

  • To the list of different complex Indian food, for our simplicity we divide the category into two parts like rice, rice based foods like idli, dosa etc, breads and curries.
  • Use of hand preferable right hand for eating.
  • Use your fingers and thumb for food similar to rice for convenient.
  • Tear rice based items and bread type with one hand only.

With never ending discussion and with variety of cuisines in regards to spices India is considered as the home of all culture and tradition.

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