7 Reasons to visit Bangkok

Bangkok isn’t just Thailand’s capital but also the best spot to begin a Southeast Asia trip. Many associate Bangkok with a love-hate relationship: On one side, the city is deafening, stuffy, and stinky. But in contrast, the chaos and the hurly-burly are fascinating. Bangkok’s markets offer everything your heart desires, specifically for shopping. The skyscrapers, high-traffic jams, extreme heat, and the notorious nightlife don’t get the best impression initially – but don’t let that discourage you. Bangkok is one of the most multicultural cities in Asia with spectacular temples and palaces, authentic waterways, energetic markets, cooking adventures, modern shopping centres, and world-class hotels. Today, I’m gonna share 7 reasons in detail, which will convince you to visit Bangkok as soon as possible.

Exploring Bangkok by Bike

When you show up at the Thai capital, you could experience the difficulty of unsure how to start exploring. A great technique to begin your Bangkok trip is to look into the city by bike, which is an easy way to get a first look at the beautiful town. You can rent a bike, and even reserve a biking tour of 5 hours, in which you will be led by a local who knows all the fine places in the city. It is an excellent technique to get to understand the city for the first time, and you’ll get some physical activity as well!

Floating Markets

Shopping is an incredibly compelling reason for most tourists but doing it while aboard on an extended wooden boat is just as incredible or even more. Damnoen Saduak is the leader for these floating markets, and consumers swarm here because of the products and the experience. Ride one of those rowboats and pick from other floating boats that are stuffed to the brim with fruits, vegetables, food, and other products. Be sure to accept items securely with both hands to prevent shedding them to the stormy waters below.

Cultural & Historical Sights

Now, let’s go back to why Bangkok is unquestionably a great tourist destination. Bangkok, in Thai, referred to as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, offers a significant wide selection of activities. First, there are lots of ancient and cultural points of interest to view. There are plenty of temples to observe, of which the Temple of the Reclining Buddha & the Temple of the Golden are most likely the most amazing ones. Along with these historical and cultural masterpieces, Bangkok also offers a vast selection of palaces and museums to see. The Grand Palace and the Museum of Contemporary Art are perfect choices, but there are various more, so don’t feel restricted to the presented options.

Historical places in Bangkok

Thai Foods

Among the best things about travelling is uncovering new dishes and flavours! At this point, Thailand is a paradise of unique flavours and various foods where individuals can jump in. Thai food dishes use mostly fresh ingredients, which are somewhat baked but full of fragrance, spices, and new flavours. Thai cuisine is according to the idea of equilibrium of flavours between sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. In that way, Thai dishes are a combination of various tastes put together flawlessly. One of the many vital ingredients in Thailand’s food is chillies. Usually, food in Thailand is very peppery, specifically for taste buds.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is probably the most in-demand activity in Thailand. Wherever you are going to Thailand, you can find a Thai massage parlour on just about every street. Started over 2500 years ago, Thai massage is a conventional recovery system. It brings together the practices of acupressure, assisted yoga stretches, and includes Indian Ayurvedic concepts. Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 massage spas in Thailand!.

Bangkok Nightlife

Though Bangkok can keep you busy from dawn until dusk, it’s after sunset that the city truly gets hotter. Take full advantage of your time in this Venice of the East by continuing long after dark, regardless of your entertainment choice. There is absolutely no lack of ways to experience the darker side of Bangkok culture at night, from backpacker-packed streetside drink carts to exclusive riverboat quartets.

Good to Hang Out

Though Bangkok is recognized for its outrageous nightlife, this sleepless city has plenty of places for you to go out with friends. While there are various places to hang out in Bangkok, some places provide just the best mix necessary for a fun time out. Chinatown is certainly one of Bangkok’s significant cultural and spots for hangout. It’s home to two wats, the Wat Traimit (which houses the world’s largest gold statue) and Wat Mangkon Kamalawat; both positioned within walking distance to the best eats in the area.


Bangkok is deservingly referred to as the gateway to Southeast Asia because you can discover the country and the whole region in all directions. Since almost all flights from the world’s biggest airports depart to Bangkok Airport, the administrative center is ideal for being the first stop on your Thailand tour. Bangkok provides a distinctive mix between the modern and the past with its modern skyscrapers and shopping malls, historic temples, and palaces. Here you can easily move and get your own picture of the busyness of the metropolis. From golden ancient monuments to the vivid nightlife, every visitor will find their preferred spot in the City of Angels.

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