9 Extremely delicious, healthy & famous food of Bihar to try

Namaste🙏 friends, welcome to Bihar– a state which is intimately linked to the Buddha’s life. Have you ever visited Bihar or planning to visit in the future? If yes, then this article is for you.

Bihar and Biharis are known for their friendly nature and warm welcome, which they offer to their guests. Being a Bihari, I want a delicious welcome for you in my state. You have already known much about India on this fantastic blog, and today I am here to share some most delicious and famous food of Bihar with you all.

Biharis love to eat spicy food. Are you thinking we eat unhealthy food? No, no. It is not that way; in Bihar, you will experience taste on the spicy side, but it will also be healthy. Food of Bihar most often includes green chilies, which have lots of benefits like improving the immune system, skin regime, balancing blood sugar levels, and many benefits more.

I want to add one thing more. I have cooked each meal you will see in this whole post, especially for you all. So, come along, follow me to taste some of the awesome and most famous food of Bihar.

1. Chura-Dahi



Chura Dahi and gur is one of the quick, easy and tempting dishes of Bihar which can satisfy your morning hunger. This is one of the most famous and delicious sweet dishes which you can’t skip while visiting Bihar. Its sweet mouth-licking taste will make you fall in love with it. I wonder, how one visits Bihar and remain unaware about Dahi-Chura? Despite its sweet taste, it is also very healthy for stomach and bowel movement. Dahi means curd, Chura means flattened rice and Gur means Jaggery. So, whenever you visit Bihar, at least try once this dish to befriend your sweet tooth.

2. Khichdi-Chokha



Khichdi is an easily digestible, wholesome, and complete food that always manages to satiate our hunger. Yes, I am talking about Bihar’s healthy food, which you can try in your kitchen too. Khichdi is full of benefits of proteins and vegetables like peas, cauliflower, carrot, spinach, and many more. It is the first solid food given to children. If anyone is ill, then too, we provide them with khichdi to eat for quick recovery. Khichdi is eaten after slathering it with ghee and in combination with achar(pickles), Chokha (boiled potato mashed together with salt and chilies), papad (a thin, crisp disc-shaped food).

3. Kadhi-Bari



Kadhi-bari is incredibly delicious food from Bihar that tastes best with steamed rice. Food that tastes awesome but in no way unhealthy. It is made with besan (gram flour), Dahi(curd), and spices. Kadhi-Bari is one of the dishes made on the auspicious occasion of Holi (the festival of colors) in every house of Bihar. The bari/badi means fried soft balls made of gram flour and spices. And kadhi/curry is the gravy made up of curd and gram flour/besan used as gravy in which bari is soaked. I assure you that you will not regret tasting this yummy dish.

4. Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada


Dahi Vada is a delicious food not only in Bihar but the whole of India. But in Bihar, it is a must to prepare the dish on every auspicious occasion, whether Holi or Diwali. Deep-frying small balls make the Vada of split black lentils (which we call urad ki daal in India). After preparing Vada, it is dipped in dahi (curd solution) until vadas get softened. We like to eat Dahivadas with tamarind chutney or roasted spices sprinkled all over. So, never mind tasting Dahivada when you are in Bihar. You will be left finger-licking for sure. I like them so much that I often eat 6-7 at one time😀.

5. Poha



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we Biharis know very well how to start our day with healthy food. Poha is one of those healthy and tasty food we all like to be served on most mornings. It is made with Chura (flattened rice). Chura is soaked in water for a short period to soften them and then fried in ghee or vegetable oil with vegetables (like peas, cauliflower, tomato, chilies, etc.). It is very light for the stomach and loaded with nutritional benefits. So, in my personal opinion, it is one of the most famous foods in Bihar that must be tasted by everyone.

6. Rajma Ki Sabzi

Rajma Ki Sabzi


Rajma-a protein-rich kidney beans is a famous pulse which is widely used in all the states of India. Punjabis love to eat Rajma masala. In Bihar, we make it a little different, a gravy variety that we love to eat with steamed rice, onion salad, and green chilies. The chilies you must have noticed in the picture are one ingredient that we love to have with every meal because it is full of vitamins and a taste-enhancer. Rajma ki sabzi (Kidney beans cooked with spices) is garnished with coriander leaves; you can have it with either roti/chapati(bread) or steamed rice. If you try this spicy dish of Bihar, you will experience a new range of taste.

7. Sewai



Are you having a sweet tooth? Or want to have something after trying some of the spicy dishes of India? Wait, we have cooked something sweet, soft, and delicious for you. Sewai is a food that tastes sweet and is served at every auspicious occasion of our state, i.e., Bihar. On Eid’s celebrations, we love to eat this sweet traditional delicacy at one another’s house. It is made with dried rice sticks, milk, cardamom powder, and lots of dry fruits. It is a quickly cooked and easily digesting desert which you once tasted will ask for more.

8. Aalu Ke Paraanthe

Aalu ke Paraanthe


Aalu means potatoes, and parantha means stuffed bread fried in oil or ghee. So, here comes one of the famous foods of Bihar that we can eat for breakfast and lunch or dinner. Aalu parantha is made by stuffing mashed potatoes in bread. It is often served with tamatar ki chutney (mashed cooked tomatoes with sliced onions, garlic, etc.) and achar(pickles). I am mentioning all Indian names to recognize the dishes when you hear their names quickly. Paraanthas are cooked with love in Bihar. Children love to have paraanthas in their lunch boxes for school. It is yet another fabulous dish which we Biharis eat with love.

9. Litti-Chokha



You visited Bihar and missed Litti Chokha; it is not done. Litti-Chokha is that famous food, for which Bihar is known worldwide. It is a traditional dish of our state which we cook when our whole family unites together on vacations. You can’t imagine how awesome is the experience of baked Litti (it is baked on cow dung or charcoal) in winters. Families in Bihar sit together and bake Litti while enjoying the heat of the fire in chilling winters. Litti is also cooked in microwave ovens, but the taste you will get of traditional baked litti is beyond comparison. In the picture, I had made baked litti, fried litti, and sattu paraantha (similar to aalu parantha but stuffing changes to gram flour/sattu).

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed these tasty and famous foods of Bihar. Next time you visit our state, meet us, be free to ask for these delicious dishes. We would love to serve them for you. In our culture, we believe, “Atithi Devo Bhava (Guests are equivalent to God)”

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