The Exotic Luxury of India

If you’ve grown tired of lazing on sun loungers and crave a life changing, truly authentic traveling experience then choose India as your next travel destination. Embrace the complete, colorful chaos and plunge head first into one of the most vibrant and exotic cultures planet Earth has to offer.

Although India may sometimes feel like a remote and undiscovered land, Thomas Cook Airlines makes reaching this wonderful place easy, affordable and convenient. Peruse this list of Indian highlights, some world renowned, others more obscure, and we guarantee you’ll be completely inspired and intrigued by this striking land of extremes.

A Worthwhile Wonder

The heartbreakingly romantic history of the Taj Mahal makes it an unmissable marble monument to visit during your stay. You’ll completely understand why this majestic structure is deemed one of the world’s wonders after gazing across the channel of water at sunset, drinking in the remarkable architecture of this mind blowing structure.

Jog Falls

Visit one of India’s most stunning sights by heading down to its highest waterfall, Jog Falls. Although seasoned travelers have seen many a waterfall during previous adventures, this one is completely different. Roaring deluges of water haphazardly stream down the 180 meter gorge, perfectly symbolizing the random chaos of many of India’s cities.

Dizzying Delhi

Traffic screams, aromatic steam billows and residents slalom like frenzied shoals of fish: this is Delhi, the chaotic and kaleidoscopic capital of India. This city with get under your skin and whether you love it or hate, it is a truly unforgettable place. Visit majestic mosques that look like fairy tale castles, escape the frenzy by wandering through serene burial gardens and delve in the city’s turbulent history by visiting the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi. Like its stunning botanic garden, Delhi is certainly the city of the five senses and a life affirming experience.

Valley of Flowers

Whether a seasoned traveller or a novice adventurer, the Valley on Flowers is a sight guaranteed to blow your mind. Nestled within the Himalayas, this blooming valley looks as though a rainbow has fallen from the sky and set up camp upon the rolling green hills. If you are incredibly lucky, you may ever see a snow leopard or black bear, just a couple of the creatures that call this paradisiacal place home.

A Culinary Adventure

Although you won’t find much of the Tikka Masala or Korma that dominates the menus of Westernized Indian restaurants, authentic Indian cuisine is an absolute delight. The country thrives upon food and the spicy aromas and street food stalls are a ubiquitous banquet for the senses. Sample all of the sumptuous street food you can, ensuring you try sizzling, smoky meat kebabs, spicy samosas fresh from the frying pot and impeccably seasoned succulent crab. All of the major cities in India offer similarly delicious cuisine but Mumbai tops the chart as India’s culinary capital.

So ditch the gripping thriller and beach towel this year and plunge into a truly unforgettable travel adventure by booking your holiday the luxurious land of India today.

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