Six of the Best Places to Visit in Kashmir in Winter

Kashmir, located in northern India’s most beautiful region, is one of the top choices. This valley is known as the Switzerland of India and offers many beautiful spots. Despite the political turmoil in Kashmir, you can still enjoy the culture and history of Kashmir.

You will be able to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and wilderness. You can also interact with locals and take part in cultural and festival events in Kashmir.

You can enjoy trekking adventures in Kashmir and local cuisine after you have taken one of the Jammu and Kashmir. You can visit many places here like pilgrimage sites and religious shrines. Later, you can shop at the local markets for souvenirs that you can take home.

These are the top places to visit in Kashmir for a winter vacation.


A visit to Kashmir’s capital is an absolute must when visiting Kashmir. There are many interesting landmarks and places to visit in Srinagar, especially during winter. Jama Masjid and Mughal Gardens are just a few of the places to visit.

It is worth taking the time to see Srinagar’s traditional architecture and its natural surroundings. For a complete Srinagar experience, you must visit the Shalimar Gardens. You can also stay in boathouses.

When you get to Dal Lake, don’t forget to take a Shakira ride or to visit places like the Pari Mahal or Char Minar.


Gulmarg is another top-rated destination for a Kashmir tour package. You can also visit many landmarks, in addition to the numerous adventurous activities available. Winter is a time when the real draw of the region is the thrilling activities in the Gulmarg mountain region.

The snow is thick and beautiful because the temperature drops below zero. You can take a ski trip through the winter landscape or choose to heli-ski or skate. You can also take a trip by cable car to this spot.

You can fly if you want to. Take a hot air balloon ride with your friends and enjoy the breathtaking Gulmarg scenery from above.


You will find many things to do after reaching Kashmir.

The winter snowfall is magnified by the lush forests and high mountains surrounding it. The white landscape is especially beautiful in the morning, and the cold temperature is very comfortable.

Pahalgam offers pony rides through the green fields and sightseeing in deep valleys. This area’s beauty is evident in the beautiful blue river water that runs through it.

You should visit Sheshnag Lake and Baisaran Hills as well as Betab Valley Lolab Valley, Lolab Valley, Tullian Lake, and Betab Valley. You should also visit landmarks such as the Avantipur Temple and Mamal Temple.


Sonmarg is a top choice for Kashmir tour packages. It is located an hour from the capital. This land is not easily accessible during the winter months. This time is prone to heavy snowfall and avalanches.

You can also hire local tour guides to help you navigate the trails.

Zero Point and Thajiwas Glacier are two of the most popular destinations tourists want to visit during their trip. There are many activities you can do, such as camping and nature walks. You can also visit places like Shutkari Bridge and Nilagrid River, Vishansar lake, Baltal Valley, Zoji La Pass, Baltal Valley, or Vishansar lake.


Kargil is a notable name in the context of Kashmir travels. This area has been relatively calmer since the 1999 Kargil War. You can either go with your friends or on your own to see the beautiful landscapes.

You can have the most memorable experience by travelling between November and April. Join a trekking tour through the mountainous area. This area is ideal for trekking.

Visit Kargil’s Tiger Hill, Karste Valley and River, Suru Valley and Drass War Memorial, as well as the Sani Monastery.


Pooch, a quiet place in the middle of winter Kashmir, is another destination worth considering. This town boasts stunning views of the natural mountains and lush flora. Tourists love the peaceful atmosphere of this place.

Horse-riding on the green plains is possible. You can also interact with locals to learn more about their culture. You can also learn more about the rich native history, including the foreign rulers who visited the area. For a more traditional view of Poonch, you can also read and review the accounts by Hiuen Tsang, a 6th-century Chinese traveller.

These places include the Gurudwara Nangali Sahib and Baksh Sahib, as well as seven lakes in Girgan Dhok.


There are many interesting places in Kashmir that are particularly attractive in the winter months. Enjoy thrilling adventures and beautiful views of snowy surroundings in winter. You should take safety precautions and only travel to the more dangerous parts when it is safe.

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