Like most of the western world and developed countries, India has also planned and executed simple and easy travel means and formalities. To facilitate those who travel to India for tourism, business or for medical checkups etcetera, the Government of India has eased out the documentary process for obtaining the visa. Earlier, you were required to take along copies of your passport and multiple numbers of documents to the immigration office to apply for a visa, but now eVisa services have been introduced.

Indian eVisa Will be Accepted at Indore Airport

International travelers were required to plan their arrivals at only 28 x airports where eVisa is accepted. Those traveling to other airports were faced with a lot of complications and even deportation. Indore airport has also started international flights but the only issue being faced by the international travelers was that of Indian eVisa acceptance at this airport. Area MP, during his interaction with the media also accepted that the need for an eVisa facility was being seen since long after the start of international flights. In a recent development, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has sanctioned principally to accept eVisa for Indore Airport. The airport authorities have also been tasked to speed up for installation of all technical changes for the launch of this facility. Assurance of provision of this facility at Indore Airport has been applauded at all local and national forums, however, the first arrival of eVisa travelers is awaited.

What is Indian eVisa Online?

The eVisa is an online document required to be produced at the Indian Airports for making an entry into the country. It is obtained through an online system where you just have to fill up few necessary details and you are ready to have the Indian eVisa. This document (the eVisa) will be approved and you will receive it electronically before departure to India. The Indian government has authorized 161 countries to be eligible for Indian eVisa, to travel for business, tourism, or medical purpose.

The Benefits of the Electronic Visa (eVisa). An Indian eVisa has far more advantages/benefits than the traditional Indian Visa. To count a few, some are mentioned below: –

  • Easy to apply online and save a lot of time and effort.
  • No need of making hard files and visiting the embassies and immigration offices.
  • You can keep an electronic copy and show it to immigration authorities on arrival.
  • Need not submit your passport and many other related original documents with anyone, and avoid chances of loss of documents.
  • Under COVID – 19 pandemic, eVisa procedure has declined the exposure to crowded places as all the formalities are completed online and from a zone of your comfort.

How to Apply for the eVisa?

You must apply for an eVisa at least 4 days before the date of travel to India and not more than 120 x days in advance. Simply go to the and apply for a visa as per the requirement and download the Indian eVisa application form. To proceed with the filling, you must get your passport size photograph, immigration page of your valid passport, the PDF application, and medical documents scanned and saved on your electronic device. Place these documents in the desired places in the form and send the application to concerned online authorities for further procedures. On completion of necessary scrutiny, you will receive an email on the given ID, which you must get a printout and keep in a safe place. On arrival, you will be asked to produce the eVisa for a stamp before clearing the immigration procedures.


161 countries have been authorized to travel to India by only having an Indian eVisa at the arrivals. Travelers from other countries are required to have regular visas only if they, the spouse, or grandparents/parents were born in Pakistan, irrespective of their departure country.

Travel Limitations on eVisa

Travelers can only stay for 90 days in India after the date of arrival at any airport or land/sea port, however, travelers from some selected countries (Canada, Japan, United States of America & United Kingdom) can even stay for up to 180 days. The visa is, however, valid for 1 x year for travel, having the authorization to enter multiple times but the number of days in India will always be limited. eVisa issued for medical reasons will be valid for 60 days from the date of arrival in India, however, you will be allowed triple entry into India on this type of visa.

Visa On Arrival

It remains a common query amongst travelers if the eVisa can be applied on arrival or not. Firstly, no airline would let travelers board a plane without a valid India regular or eVisa, however, in case of transit also, eVisa will not be provided at the destination airport.

Traveling By Cruise & Land

If traveling through designated 5 seaports including Mumbai, Mangalore, Goa. Cochin or Chennai, Indian eVisa will be provided on arrival. In case you are entering through a non-designated sea or airport (or land route), you must own a traditional Indian Visa. is a unique platform that has been established to ease out those people who are frequent travelers as well as new ones. Since most of the western world has introduced an online visa system for travel, tourists and businessmen have started adopting this method of getting eVisa. Despite the ease of the procedure, a huge number of users still acquire agents and companies to do the job for them. This platform of allows you to bypass the buggy sites and blogs for applying for an online visa. Not only that we provide you with easy access to the online forms and visa procedures but also, we provide details of the travel policies introduced by different countries to which you intend to go. We have attempted to provide guidance/information on visa policies for almost all countries of the world.

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