Bangalore Palace - An Exquisite Palace in the Heart of Garden City


A wonderful palace built in Tudor style architecture commonly known as Bangalore Palace stands in the centre of Bangalore (Bengaluru) city, which is one of the three famous palaces belonging to the Wodeyar dynasty. The other two are the Mysore Palace and Fern Hill Palace of Ooty. There is the misconception among many people that the palace was constructed by King Chamaraja Wodeyar, whereas the fact is it was built by Rev. Garrett, the first principal of the Central High School which was later bought by the Chamaraja Wodeyar for a sum of 40,000/- rupees in 1873 and renovated later. Initially sprawling on 454 acres of land, the palace has lost much of its gardens and beauty to the development taking place around it.

The palace attracts tourists not only for its assorted collection of rare arts and paraphernalia from the history of India, but also for its amazing wood carvings, paintings, turreted parapets, fortified towers, gothic windows, and much more. The palace grounds serves as a venue for big important events like exhibitions, trade shows, trade fairs and other public events including music concerts music concerts performed by artists who come from all across the globe. One of the most distinctive events that took place here was the great music gig named Eddfest, by Metallica in 2007, which is the biggest paid music event to take place in India to date.

Attractions of Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore palace attracts tourists not only for its outer beauty but also for its sophisticated interiors and great collections of arts. Initially the interiors of the palace were closed to visitors but it has been made open to the public for a fee since June 2012. Some of the things that have caught the attention of visitors are:

·         Two valuable gifts - bench of bright colored tiles and a fountain, from Don Alphonso, the King of Spain. It said to be a creation of the great deco ceramist Seville.

·         An exquisite dining table with mother of pearl inlay and Chinese lacquer work which is believed to belong to Sir Mirza Ismail, a great Diwan of Mysore.

·         Photographs and paintings of famous people connected to the Wodeyar dynasty

·         Large acres of sprawling lawns in heart of busy city wide spreading lawns and beautiful gardens.

·         Intricate and elaborate interiors of wood which is boasts of some excellent carvings, floral motifs, ceilings covered with relief paintings and beautifully decorated cornices/ledges.

·         A large open courtyard  on the ground floor with has granite seats which have been decorated with fluorescent blue ceramic tiles

·         An fabulous ballroom for special events

·         Coat of arms with an emblem of two headed bird, an emblem of Wodeyars. It is believed to be presented by the British to the then ruler Chamraja Wodeyar X

·         A grand dressing mirror with frames made of pure gold

·         A chemically preserved elephant head

·         An ancient refrigerator made of wood

·         Rare collection of paintings by Raja Ravi Varma.

·         The Durbar hall or assembly hall of king, with decorated stained glass windows, yellow colored walls and a sofa set to match the walls.

·         A horse hoof leg shaped weighing chair which was used to weight Jockeys by the Wodeyars who were passionate about horse-racing.

·         Common things used by the dynasty like dressing tables, chairs, lamps, combs, stools made from real elephant and bullocks legs, vase made of elephant trunk, empty perfume bottles and other things which gives clues to the lifestyle of the people of past.

Visiting the Palace

The Bangalore palace is conveniently located, as it is just 30 minutes drive from airport. It is located from just 3-4 km from city railway station, 2 km from Yeshwantpur, and just 1 km from Cantonement Railway Station. Tourists can get there easily by either by bus or auto-rickshaws as it boasts of good connectivity with all places of Bangalore. 

Bangalore has pleasant weather all around the year, so the city can be visited whenever it is convenient for the tourist.

The palace remains open to the tourists from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except on Sundays.

Entry fee

Indian tourists – Rs. 230/-

Foreign tourists – Rs 460/-

Extra payment of Rs. 1485/- for video recording and Rs. 685 for photography will be collected separately.

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