Tagalog Numbers 1-10


Do you want to learn Tagalog numbers? Are you looking to polish up on your basic Tagalog numbers to use them every now and then? Tagalog or Filipino numbers as they are often called are easy. Numbers should be the first thing one should learn when trying to learn a particular language. Numbers are called numbers “mga numero ng” in Tagalog.

So here are the Tagalog Numbers 1-10

One                 1          isa

Two                 2          dalawa

Three               3          tatlo

Four                 4          apat

Five                  5          lima

Six                   6          anim

Seven               7          pito

Eight                8          walo

Nine                9          siyam

Ten                  10        sampu

If you want to learn rest of the Tagalog numbers from 1 to 100 then you can learn them from here. If you are interested in buying Tagalog numbers in a book format you can one here.

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