What are the 10 words that someone should know before traveling to india


Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, with over 41% of the population speaking it as their first language. Therefore, learning Hindi before traveling to India could be very useful. However, India is a diverse country with many different languages, so it may also be worth learning the local language of the area you will be visiting. Some other commonly spoken languages in India include Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu.

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Here are 10 words that you should know before traveling to India

Namaste (hello)

Dosa (a type of savory pancake)

Rickshaw (a type of three-wheeled vehicle)

Masala (a mix of spices used in Indian cooking)

Chai (tea)

Bollywood (the Indian film industry)

Yoga (a physical and spiritual discipline)

Curry (a dish with a sauce made from a mixture of spices)

Monsoon (the rainy season)

Diwali (a major Hindu festival)

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