My New Book for Kids: Transportation and Modes of Travel


I have a new book out for kids called I’m Learning AboutVehicles. A Visual Introduction to Automobiles, Movement of People or Goods andVarious Modes of Transport which is available on all Amazon stores.  You can take this book when you travel abroad or on holiday. If you have a child who loves cars, trucks, planes, and all things that go, then you'll want to check out the new children's book, " I’m Learning About Vehicles." This colourful and engaging book takes kids on a journey through the world of transportation, introducing them to all kinds of different vehicles and the ways in which we use them to get around.

One of the things I like about "I’m Learning AboutVehicles" is that it goes beyond just showing pictures of different vehicles. It also teaches kids about modes of transportation.  In addition to being educational is also lots of fun.

But don't just take our word for it - check out "I’m Learning About Vehicles" for yourself and see why it is quickly becoming a favourite among kids and parents alike. Whether you have a budding engineer on your hands or just a curious little one who loves to learn about the world around them it is definitely a must-read.

Teaching kids about various modes of transportation can have a number of educational benefits including:


Knowing how to use different modes of transportation can help kids gain independence and become more self-sufficient.

Physical activity:

Walking, biking, or using public transportation can be a great way for kids to get exercise and stay active.

Environmental awareness:

Teaching kids about alternative modes of transportation, such as biking or using public transportation, can help them understand the impact that transportation has on the environment and the importance of reducing pollution and emissions.

Understanding of the world around them:

Teaching kids about different modes of transportation can help them better understand the world around them and how it works, which can foster curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Life skills:

Knowing how to use different modes of transportation is a useful life skill that can help kids get around and access different opportunities as they grow and develop.

So if you want to introduce your little ones to the amazing world of vehicles and transportation in a fun and educational way, "I’mLearning About Vehicles" is the perfect choice! Get your copy today and let the adventures begin!

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