How To Travel From India To Fiji


Many people call the island country of Fiji the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World,’ boasting fantastic diving and snorkeling sites. Clearly, Fiji is a haven in the South Pacific where clear waters beckon visitors to explore deep down.

You might want to head to Fiji on your next vacation. This article discusses some information on getting to the island from India and experiencing the archipelago’s natural wonders.

1.      Do Indians Need Visa To Travel To Fiji?

As a first-time traveler to Fiji, you might wonder if Indian citizens can travel to the island. Thankfully, India has visa-exempt status. You don’t need special authorization to set foot on Fijian grounds, especially if your purpose is only for a short stay. 

But you do need to meet the proper requirements to receive a visitor’s permit that immigration will give to you upon your arrival for your Fiji vacation. A passport valid for six months on the travel date and at least two clear pages should get you a foot in the door. You’ll also need a travel itinerary or reservation to and from India, not a ticket.

You might wait until the Fiji Immigration Department approves your visitor’s permit before purchasing flight tickets and securing accommodation. You might also provide proof of funds to see if you can support yourself while in the country. You can look into visitor requirements at the official Fijian government website if you need more details. 

2.      What Locations Serve Fiji Travel?

If you do your research, there are travel websites that you can look into and find locations where you can fly from India to Fiji. You’ll find the ticket price range and how long the journey takes to get to your destination.

A travel website can give you as many as seven ways to travel by plane. You can get to Fiji from Madras, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, or Hyderabad. You can also find out if there are any current travel restrictions, which companies run flight services from and to the country, and other general questions. 

Before booking tickets, reading as much information as possible is essential to ensure you get all the crucial advisories. As of late, Fiji requires visitors to bring proof of vaccination, according to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism, and Trasport under the Fijian government.

Try to look up any information from the official government website of the destination. Preparing yourself helps to avoid problems when you arrive.

3.      How To Book Affordable Flight Tickets

There are a few ways to save on flight tickets from India to Fiji. Even if you have the budget for luxury travel, you can get more for less when traveling. You have more money to spend during your stay as a great advantage when scouring for cheap tickets. 

Perhaps you’ve been traveling before and are accustomed to booking flights. You should know that plane ticket prices rise as the departure date is closer. Research early to familiarize yourself with how ticket prices rise and fall to get the lowest prices possible. You’ll need to identify the right opportunity to get a reasonable price.

Here are other tips when buying tickets online:

·         Searching for flight tickets online gives you time to make price comparisons. Ensure that you visit all aggregator websites that provide you with all the available flights for prices. 

·         You must also see the stops available for flights because more stops could mean cheaper tickets. If you’re allowed to choose your seat, do so with the people you want to buy tickets for and see if you can also pay for extra legroom if necessary.

·         Some websites allow you to choose or decline add-ons such as travel insurance. It will be up to you if you want to pay extra.

·         Book your ticket and keep the receipt after checking all the information.

Generally, booking tickets up to three months before the travel date is best.

4.      Check For Baggage Allowances

After booking tickets, check the baggage allowances on the airways company website. If traveling with others, you’ll want to ensure compliance with the weight and dimensions allowed for your luggage, whether carry-on or checked. Requirements also apply if you’re flying economy or business class. 

For example, checked baggage should be at most 118 cm or 46 inches and weigh up to 8 kg (17 lbs.) when traveling economy class. Business class in most airlines allows luggage only up to 126 cm (50 in.), including the handles and the wheels. Still, weights on certain flights allow up to seven kilograms (15 lbs.) for one piece of luggage in both economy and business classes.

Knowing these requirements will help you decide what to pack only for your vacation.


Traveling to India from Fiji isn’t tricky, but you must research before packing your bags. First, you need to secure a visitor’s permit and know which airlines in India have flights to Fiji. Research about booking affordable flights and how much you need to pack according to airline restrictions on luggage weight and dimension. Knowing these will help you avoid problems.

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