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Hire me as your India guide, writer, social media analyst or your SEO person.

Ask me a question on India

Being a native of India and having travelled to numerous countries around the world, I understand the apprehensions of foreign tourists about travelling to India. So why not ask me a question? Although I cannot answer every email as it will take a lot of my time, I will try to answer your queries as soon and as best as I can. Alternatively, comment on the Ask Shalu page and I will try to answer them. I get lots of questions in my inbox but and unfortunately I am not able to answer all of them as my life revolves around other activities such as my family and my work. If do you have questions about India; feel free to shoot me an email.

Better still, if you would like a personalised service, either I or my husband can offer you advice over the phone/Skype (for a small fee of course). If I cannot answer any questions, I can direct you to travel professionals who can help you.

Don’t worry; I am not going to charge you an arm and a leg as some of these so called “consultants” do. Just ask.

Do you need content?

Do you want to hire me as your travel or content writer?
Do you want to lower your staffing costs?
Do you want to hire me as your virtual assistant?
Do you want me to write for your blog or perhaps you have a company that needs maintaining a blog. As an expert in blogging, I have many skills that I can offer.
I can get you in touch with those are waiting to be hired.

If you want to rank well in the search engines, you need content for the major search engines to crawl. Gone are the days when you could get an “exact match domain name”, slap some spun articles on it and get some links. With search engines changing its algorithms more times than people change their panties, you need to be creative or you’re out of the game. These search engines are content hungry, they need to be fed with quality content on a constant basis. For this, you need quality articles. I can deliver that for you. Why not hire me as your ghost writer or hire me to contribute for your website/blog/eBook etc.

Just get in touch!

Do you want to promote your website?

I can offer SEO services. I am a popular blogger. I have founded, the most famous social networking site for Bihar (India) with over 12,000 members. I have a decent following on Twitter on and Facebook along with 500+ connections on LinkedIn. I have resources and knowledge that I can use to promote your website in completely white hat fashion.

Create social media profiles  

Social media is now the new trend. If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other social media sites; you don’t exist. I will create profiles around you or your company/business and get you going and show you how to use it to promote your business. There are few techniques that I use is worth weight in gold. I strongly suggest you get in touch for this one.

I am a social media expert.

Do you want a WordPress site?

Do you want to start a blog of your own but don’t know how know set it up; I can show you exactly how to do this. I can set you in the right direction. I can setup a WordPress site along with hosting and get you going. Perhaps you are a traveller and would love to write about your experiences and make money through your blog at the same time. Don’t have a clue how to do it, I can show you how.

So here’s a summary of my services

Answer India specific questions – anything you like from food to safety, women’s issues etc
Write travel related content
Write non-travel related topics
Provide SEO and social media services
Set up a WordPress site in any niche
Be your blogging guide

Just get in touch for further information and prices. If you are interested, you can contact me on info(at) or you can use the contact form here.

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