Shy Indian women

Have you ever wondered why Indian women are shy?

I think they are shy because they are told from a young age not to associate with boys. I hardly talked to boys as I went to Catholic convent school and then all women’s college. However, we aren’t shy with our family members, just other people. The shyness goes away after a while. But not all Indian women are shy, it’s all about family culture and how an Indian girl is brought up.

Shy Indian women
Shy Indian women in traditional sarees in a village in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The veil as seen in this photo is tradition for married women and nothing to do with religion. Many married Indian women especially in the villages are expected to cover their heads when they are talking to strangers. No wonder they have shied away from the camera and veiled their heads. The tradition of veils has almost died in the cities but still prevails in rural India. In essence, Indians are very tradition. We are very protective of our women and perhaps that is why Indian women are shy? Read more about the culture of India.

Why do you think Indian women are shy? Could it be due to lack of confidence, or do you think women are brought in a primitive way, kept under subjugation, or do they simply pretend to be shy or simply that India is a male dominated society and we are forced to be submissive?

Although things are changing for Indian women but the plight of women in India still remains unequal to men. Crimes against women in India are as high as ever before.

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