5 Top Wellness Vacation Destinations in India

While India can unfold many treasures- some natural, some man-made—it is a treasure-trove of cultures, of legends, of elegance, of marvelous palaces, fortified forts, ancient temples, awe-inspiring museums, impregnable forests that are a home to the national bird—the peacock; of beauty crafted in stone and of gems encrusted in jewels. This beautiful country generously opens its arms wide to tourists and travelers from across the globe, and never fails to keep you enthralled with her majestic mountains and golden sand beaches.

A vacation to India will not only fascinate you with its vibrant culture and heritage; it can also help you with your weight loss regime. It will be a fascination that you would want to cherish in your hearts forever, only to reopen and visit even years after your first visit. This is one place you would never tire of revisiting; rekindling your urges; and reviving your memories.

As a fulltime blogger and internet marketer I hardly find time to relax and unwind. My fitness mantra is an hour in the gym everyday. I try my best to eat a balanced diet so that I don’t add calories; but due to my sedentary work style I am unsuccessful in my endeavour. Whenever I am under work pressure I binge and this adds to my weight gain. Moreover the stress and strain of urban life, the mad rush of traffic and pollution ridden cities add to my woes and I sometimes long for peace and tranquillity. A week or two in the mountains in serene surroundings with Nature for company is exactly what I long for. I found this fascinating that in India I can actually combine my vacation with weight loss and wellness. Don’t believe it? These are some of the Indian destinations that can help you to unwind as well as enjoy a vacation without adding any calories; rather shedding them.

1. Ananda in the Himalayas – The Viceregal Palace

Ananda Spa
Astounding view of the Viceregal Palace (Ananda Spa), situated 3000 ft above the Ganges. Source: MisEntropy’s photostream on Flickr

Located in the serene foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, not far from the mythological cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, Ananda Spa is nature’s delight. The peaceful surroundings with the majestic Himalayan Mountains as back drop and the pollution free atmosphere, emanating nature’s freshness and fragrance helps you to relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday. With its impressive Viceregal Palace, and the magnificent view to some of the planets highest peaks, no wonder why Ananda in the Himalayas was rated best tourist spa destination in the world by The Telegraph and Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Ayurvedic Massage: This spa offers wonderful Ayurvedic massage that helps you to unwind and mentally feel calm. Ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda is of the opinion that physical body and mind need to be treated together to attain the desired effect. Gymming alone is not going to help you lose weight. You’ve to deal with your body and mind in totality to achieve your goal. These massage oils help burn the fat and also aid in blood circulation.

Yoga & Meditation: Yoga at Ananda Spa is purely traditional and it’s tailored to suit individual’s needs. The trained teachers talk to you to learn about your body composition analysis and accordingly prepare a yoga chart for you. There are fitness experts who help you with your weight loss effort. Did you know that yoga protects you from obesity and heart disease?

Sathvic Cuisine: At Ananda’s, utmost care is taken in preparing the menus for every tourist; it’s not that it is a common menu for all the travelers. A low calorie, less fat and low carb diet is prepared with Ayurvedic herbs to suit individual’s needs. The emphasis is on whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins and low fat dairy products.

With lip smacking recipes, in beautiful locales where you’re surrounded by Natures’ bounties your vacation will be an unforgettable experience.

2. Sikkim

Situated in the North eastern part of India, Sikkim is still virgin in habitat and not corrupted by modern civilization. Though you’ve internet connectivity and dance bars, the place is untouched and unaffected by latest developments. Gangtok, which is the capital of Sikkim, doesn’t allow four wheelers into the city. Tourists need to walk around to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of this place. So, automatically you burn calories and shed weight looking around the place. The white water rafting in Teestha River is a unique experience that should be enjoyed by everyone. The hospitality of Sikkimese is indeed a humbling experience.

The city of Gangtok
The city of Gangtok. Source: dougie131172’s photostream on Flickr

Romtek Monastry: This Buddhist monastery situated near Gangtok offers meditation classes for tourists. Strolling in the gardens of the monastery transports you to a spiritual world. The Lamas / monks in their red garb move around in complete silence. It is a treat to watch these people who’re totally cut off from the material world. There are several other places near Gangtok like Nathu La (on India-Tibet border), Pelling (famous for flower shows) and tea gardens that are something you get to see only here and no where else.

Cuisine: The Sikkimese cuisine mostly consists of steamed momos with delicious stuffing.

Lunch in Sikkim
Lunch in Sikkim. Source: juicyrai’s photostream on Flickr

Since it is very cold throughout the year and rainy for most part soups, broth and rice and dal (pulses cooked in gravy like stew) with vegetable is the daily menu. It is interesting to note that you’ll never find a pot bellied Sikkimese. They are all trim and fit (both men & women) as they walk around the hilly place all the time.

The view of the snow capped mountains transports you to the wonderland of Gods where you’re one with nature. The sun rises by 4.30 A.M and sets by 5 P.M. here. If you want to visit this place then try these Sikkim Tour Packages.

3. Dharamshala

Situated in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is yet another tourist spot that is on the foothills of Himalayas. This is an ideal vacation destination with Kanchenjunga as back drop and the beautiful Dal Lake where your rowing experience can aid in your weight loss effort. Tsuglagkhang temple at the Namgyal Monastery is home for the Dalai Lama. Close to the beautiful hill station of Mcleodganj, the Ayuskama wellness spa is located. This Buddhist destination offers weight loss vacation packages from which you can choose the one that suits you.

Buddhist monastery at Dharamsala
Buddhist monastery at Dharamsala

4. Kerala

Known as God’s own country, Kerala with its back waters and tall coconut tree groves is ideal vacation destination for weight loss lovers. The Kerala Ayurvedic Spa attracts tourists with its ancient Indian oil massages that help not only in weight reduction but also rid you of many ills. A dip in the back waters will help you to relax and rejuvenate on a holiday. Spa treatments under the skillful hands of spa therapists will help you to open up the chakras in your body.

Lavanyam Ayurveda Package is a weight management program offered by The Lalit Resort & Spa Bekal. The individual and customized weight reduction treatment is designed in a natural and eco friendly atmosphere. These treatments are holistic, safe and supportive with other medical treatments.

Kerala backwaters houseboat
Kerala backwaters houseboat. Source: Globetrotter girls

5. Majorda Beach, Goa

Amid the rippling turquoise waves in the beaches of Goa stands a mesmerizing fantasy that attracts tourists to this beach city of India. Totally urban in culture and modern in approach, Goa still retains its old world Portuguese charm combined with Indian tradition. The river cruise, water sports, dolphin spotting and beach parties are unique to this place. Freshly prepared sea food and Feni drink, besides a fun and frolicking night life are popular here. One of the most beautiful places in Goa is Majorda beach. Bio Resurge Clinic is a great weight loss retreat in Majorrda beach offering a complete wellness vacation package for tourists who need to lose weight or delay ageing. Their weight loss program is developed by Glen Schirmer, the Australian fitness expert who has trained celebrities and Olympic athletes.

Majorda Beach, Goa
Majorda Beach in scenic Goa

India is magnificent. Mighty. Mystic. What are you waiting for? Simply pack your bags and get on that plane to India for a holistic weight loss vacation.

About the author


Latasri of WeightLossTriumph.com was born and raised in India. Her penchant for travel and desire to enjoy a holistic experience encouraged her to explore some of the most exotic locales in India, such as Sikkim, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Goa. Visiting India is a worthwhile experience more so for its diverse culture, ethnic couture and scenic places. She is married with two children. Being a fitness and wellness aficionado, she reviews weight loss retreats and diet programs in Asia and around the world.

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