My Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner

Here’s a taste of what I or most of us Indians have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Typically, an Indian breakfast could comprise of parathas or chapattis and a vegetable dish eaten lightly. I usually miss breakfast but if I were to have it, I would have 1 or 2 chapattis. Sometimes, we would have “puris” (deep fried) especially if we have visitors staying with us.

Indian breakfast
My Indian breakfast

For lunch, we would have rice along with curries and/or lentils (we call it “daal” in Hindi). The lunch might include a few chapattis as well. I will usually have a little rice with lentils and vegetables along with some chutney, little salad and perhaps little mango pickle.

My Indian Lunch
My Indian lunch

The dinner would be the heaviest of them all. There will be more than one vegetable curry perhaps a chicken dish too, lentils, yogurt, papadums, pickles and raita (yogurt based dip). Most Indians including me tend to eat the most at this time of the day.

My Indian dinner
My Indian dinner

In addition, I usually go through at least a litre of the Indian “chai”(tea) throughout the day.

What do you have during the day? Do you like Indian food?

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